Philips Announces Availability for hdd060 hdd120 MP3 Devices

Philips Announces Availability for hdd060 hdd120 MP3 Devices


Las Vegas, NV — Philips Electronics announced two new audio jukeboxes last week at CES. Philips’ new hard disk offerings include the smallest micro audio jukebox and the world’s lightest recording audio jukebox. The new products utilize Philips miniaturized storage technology and offer consumers an immense hard disk capacity in a super compact form for ultimate portability. The two new models (hdd060 and hdd120) provide new options for consumers who are looking to enjoy a universe of music on the move and to suit any mood.

“Philips’ new portable hard disk players are a great addition to the 2004 Infotainment line of products,” said Des Power, Senior Vice President, General Manager Regional Business Management and Marketing, Philips Consumer Electronics, North America. “Our new products are created with the consumers in mind, offering users the option of having their favorite music content at their fingertips – anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for something that’s highly portable, the perfect fashion accessory or to carry your audio collection with you, we have a stylish and sophisticated option to fit your needs.”

All of Philips’ portable hard disk players feature easy-to-use operations that provide an effortless audio experience, such as including finding a favorite song among the thousands that may be stored. The unique Philips’ SuperScroll™ navigation interface enables fast and precise navigation to the exact music of your choice. The SuperScroll keys have two-level functionality; holding down either the ‘up’ or ‘down’ button activates a scroll accelerator that allows super-fast navigation through the list of stored songs. The user also can find tracks through any preset category: Playlists, Artists, Albums, Genres, All tracks and, with the hdd120, Recordings.

Each Philips’ portable hard disk audio jukebox features the Digital Music Manager, a PC based software program that allows users to easily manage and transfer their music from their PC. For the hdd120, there is an additional feature called EQ Link, which enables users to change the equalizer settings and even rename the presets from ‘Rock’, ‘Pop’, ‘Jazz’ and ‘Classic’ to suit their own listening preferences. The user can link these new equalizer settings to be activated with specific genre types like ‘rock’, ‘hiphop’, ‘R&B’ or ‘rap’. These changes also will be transferred to the hdd120 at each PC connection.

Philips new wearable hdd060, the smallest micro audio jukebox, offers consumers the ability to always take their music with them without compromising sound quality.

Featuring a 1.5 GB (375 MP3 tracks) storage capacity, the hdd060 is only 1.8 cm thick, weighs less than 95 grams and is the same length and width of a standard credit card. Users will be able to easily review track information on the device’s 2-bit grey, 128 x 96 pixel LCD screen. Users also can store data files on the hdd060, making it a portable external drive as well.

For one-touch button playback, the hdd060 features SuperPlayT. This feature enables the user to start enjoying music quickly without first having to select playlists or individual tracks. By simply selecting the desired category -such as ‘Albums’ or ‘Artist’- and by pressing the ‘Play’ button, the user can listen to all the music that is stored under these top-level music library categories.

Sporting a high-gloss magnesium casing, the hdd060 is small enough to fit perfectly in a consumer’s pocket or a small purse and light enough to wear around the neck. Users easily can access their computer through USB 1.1 connectivity in order to transfer their favorite MP3 and WMA songs. Available in February, the hdd060 will have a suggested retail price of $199.99.

The Philips hdd120 is the lightest recording jukebox that allows consumers to take all of their favorite music on the go. Featuring a 20 GB storage capacity, the player is capable of holding more than 5,000 MP3s and 10,000 WMA songs.

Equivalent to approximately one week’s worth of music, the hdd120 allows the user to have a song on hand for any occasion. For simple and fast downloads from your PC, the hdd120 operates through a high-speed USB 2.0 connection.

The player’s recording feature allows users to record voice memos via the built-in microphone. Direct MP3 recording easily can be completed through the internal MP3 encoder, enabling the device to record audio tracks from its microphone input, analog line-input or digital-optical line input. It can be used as everything from a voice recorder with extremely long recording times, to a high-quality portable digital audio recorder for live-session music recording and DJ dance track mixing. In between, it allows users to enjoy audio tracks from virtually any source imaginable.

The hdd120 features a super-slim design and an extended battery life providing more than 10 hours of playback time. Like the hdd060, the hdd120 sports a high-gloss magnesium casing, making it durable yet lightweight. The screen is easy to read from all angles, with white text on a black display complementing the back finishing color of the casing. Multifunctional, the unit’s hard disk drive allows users to store and carry data files from one PC or device to another. Available in February, the hdd120 will have a suggested retail price of $349.