No Strings Attached; WiFi MP3 with Aireo

No Strings Attached; WiFi MP3 with Aireo


The Aireo is an MP3 player which allows users to synch their personal MP3 collection to the device from a remote computer via WiFi. Once you make changes to your MP3 collection on your hard drive, the system automatically updates the Aireo device, granted it is within range of your WiFi hub.

The only draw back in comparison with the iPod is that the Aireo holds 1.5GB compared with the iPod’s 15GB. Aireo uses a macro HDD, made by Cornice, which is similar to the ones we have seen lately from Hitachi.

SoniqCast says the device is currently not compatible with online music retail stores such as MusicMatch and Napster, but it works with all generic MP3 and Windows Media file formats.

If you want to sacrifice storage space for features the Aireo is the way too go.

Other features to note

– FM Receiver, which allows for the device to tune into FM radio stations.
– FM Transmitter, which allows you to transmit your music to your radio on a low FM band so it plays through your stereo. – Media Card Reader, allows you to transfer your digi-cam pictures onto the device for expanded storage

Pricing and Availability

The Aireo is scheduled to hit Best Buy shelves around the end of February at about $300.