ConnectPoint uses LaserWire to link buildings

ConnectPoint uses LaserWire to link buildings


Dallas, Texas — Crinis Networks today announced the availability of its short haul outdoor product, the ConnectPoint Campus, which uses LaserWire technology to connect education or business complexes. “ConnectPoint Campus is an optical laser solution that provides a cost-effective LAN alternative to trenching for fiber or obtaining roof-rights for RF,” states Bill Scott, president and CEO, Crinis Networks. “It delivers rapidly deployable and secure Fast Ethernet connections for enterprise and campus environments.”

ConnectPoint Campus is the first and only outdoor and indoor Free Space Optical (iFSO™ ) networking product that extends Ethernet connectivity between networked devices using an auto-aligning transceiver pair. When a unit is pointed within several degrees of its companion, it automatically aligns and starts transmitting data. This makes it ideal for use where cabling is nonexistent and installation cost is high.

The ConnectPoint Campus solution connects network equipment indoors and outdoors in three flexible configurations. A ConnectPoint 100 indoor unit can be placed on a windowsill and aimed across an open outdoor area at either another indoor unit, or an outdoor ConnectPoint Campus unit. Alternatively, two outdoor units can be used to establish the Ethernet connection across campus. Data will be transmitted within minutes to extend the reach of the LAN. ConnectPoint is the only optical communications product line that addresses both indoor and outdoor LAN infrastructure requirements.

Campus applications include temporary support for disaster relief efforts, military sites and conference centers. The product can be redeployed many times. As well, it can provide permanent or semi-permanent connectivity for government workers, wireless LAN backhaul configurations, and warehouse or manufacturing facilities.

The ConnectPoint 100 Campus is priced at about one tenth of the cost of traditional free space optical (FSO) equipment, which can range from $25,000 to $100,000. The Crinis Networks solution may be installed in minutes or hours, whereas the traditional FSO installations typically take weeks to construct.

Crinis Networks, Inc. develops point-and-play LaserWire LAN solutions that make the connectivity difference. The ConnectPoint family of products uses LaserWire technology to provide Ethernet connections up to 100Mbps. Crinis Networks is the only provider of indoor Free Space optical (iFSO) products for Fast Ethernet LANs. The Company, founded in April 2000, designs, develops, and markets innovative optical LAN networking solutions from its North American headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

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