Epson P-1000 10GB Portable Picture Viewer

Epson P-1000 10GB Portable Picture Viewer


The Epson P-1000 has the ability to store images from multiple different types of media onto its 10GB hard drive and display them on its 3.8″ LCD screen. The device supports both JPG and RAW image formats at up to 6 mega pixels. You can also hook this picture box up to your TV to share your picture album with family and friends. Another feature to note is the ability to hook the machine directly up to a USB CD/RW and burn the pictures to CD. The unit also acts like a 10GB portable hard drive allowing any data to be copied onto it. The only setback that I can see is the fact that the devices USB port is v1.1 which will result in very slow transfer speeds.


The device is available at Epson’s online store Epson’s online store. The MSRP on the device is listed at $599.00US.

Features and Specifications to note

– 3.8″ TFT Epson LCD, 640×480 pixels, 262,144 colors @ 18bit
– 10GB hard drive
– USB 1.1
– Supports JPEG and RAW with max size of 6mp.
– Native card slot support for CF I and II, and IBM Microdrive
– Third party support for Sony Memory Stick, Smart Media, Secure Digital, and MMC – sold separately
– Ability to hook up to CDRW
– Li-Ion battery with AC adapter
– Dimensions 5.59″ x 3.6″ x .91″
– Weight with battery 11.2 oz.