ATI Delivers First 3D Gaming Chip for Cellphones

ATI Delivers First 3D Gaming Chip for Cellphones


ATI, known for their superior PC graphic accelerators, announced it has produced the first mobile phone GPU the IMAGEON 2300. Hopefully this means the end to the pixelated snake, frogger, and tic-tac-toe games that current cell phones feature.

Features of the IMAGEON 2300 GPU

– Advanced 2D and 3D graphics;

– MPEG 4 decode with real-time video playback at 30-fps and low power consumption;

– Video Capture Ports with support for high resolution camera sensors (1.3M and 2M pixels);

– JPEG CODEC to compress and decompress images to be either saved in memory and printed or shared wirelessly by the camera phone user; and,

– Many other features such as two display engines (primary and sub-display) and embedded frame buffer.


ATI’s IMAGEON 2300 media co-processor is currently sampling. Mass production shipments will start in Q1 2004.