Sony Ericsson P800 Gains Video Recording

Sony Ericsson P800 Gains Video Recording


The Philips Camcoder is a high quality audio video encoder and player for the SonyEricsson P800 mobile handset. It provides real-time audio video grabbing and encoding in the MPEG-4/H263 video format as specified by the 3GPP standard. It is fully integrated into phone application environments such as MMS, BT, IR and e-mail. Recorded videos can be played back on all 3GPP compliant players such as but not limited to Philips Platform4 PC Player and Apple Quicktime 6.3.

Audio Video Specification

– Run-time selection of video encoding standard MPEG-4 SP / H.263
– AMR-NB audio grabbing
– Run-time selection of video quality setting : High, Medium, Low
– Run-time selection of frame rate: 5 fps, 7.5 fps, 10 fps, 12.5 fps, 15 fps
– Run-time selection of frame size: QQVGA, sQCIF

General Features


– Captured audio video clips can be saved as 3GPP (.3gp) files in phone memory or Memory Stick
– Simultaneous audio video recording
– Output file size is compatible with MMSC : 50, 75, 100, 150 kB

Play back

– Playback of 3GPP files attached to MMS and e-mail or downloaded from a WAP page
– Full screen mode
– Audio video lip synch
– Video album supporting functionality such as Play, Rename, Copy, Delete, Move, Info, Send as
– Captured 3GP files can be attached to MMS and e-mail or sent via IR or Bluetooth