NEC N910 Compact Camera Phone for 2004

NEC N910 Compact Camera Phone for 2004


NEC has unveiled two revolutionary new handsets for 2004. The N910 is the worlds first compact camera phone, similar in size to a womans compact (powder). It measures only 8.6mm thin. reports — “The most special feature of a powder compact phone is the reflective material on the LCD. The LCD becomes a mirror in the standby mode. Pansonic G70 and Siemens Xeilbri 7 are the two latest examples. Comparing to Panasonic and Xelibri ones, NEC N910 cannot totally fall into the female handsets list. The square like design makes it cutie. Even a boy may love it.

NEC N910 comes with twin display. Both of them use the reflective materials and can act as mirror in the standby mode. The inner one uses TFT technology and capable to display up to 65000 colors, and the resolution rate up to 128 x 160 pixels. The pictures quality is believed to be better even the actual size of the handset is quite small. The outer one uses 256 colors OLED screen for the display of incoming caller ID, time and date. ”

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