Sony Ericsson announces mobile online multiplayer games trial

Sony Ericsson announces mobile online multiplayer games trial


Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications today announced it will deploy a Trial Mobile Online Multiplayer game solution for their consumers around the globe. This trial service offers consumers the ability to play exciting interactive mobile games with their Sony Ericsson phones online.

The first games to be available will be Rally (a 4-player game) and RC Battle (an 8-player game). Both games can be played with a wide variety of Sony Ericsson phones. The Trial Mobile Online Multiplayer games will be available from Sony Ericsson’s Fun and Downloads web site, enabling consumers to play online against one another from around the world. The service will be accessible across all regions, however network dependencies do apply.

“Just as the success with games played via Bluetooth and Infrared, there are great opportunities for consumers to play games also over the mobile networks. With the advent of faster network technologies and more phones capable of downloading colour games, we see that there is a great deal of opportunities for Online Gaming” says Cameron Stewart, Senior Manager Global Product Marketing.

The trial will ascertain the market demand for Online games by conducting in-depth consumer research as well as measuring the performance of ‘Real time’ and ‘Turn Based’ online gaming in mobile networks.

“We hope that our Ericsson and Sony heritage can enable operators to leverage from mobile online multiplayer gaming in the near future” Says Cameron Stewart Senior Manager Global Product Marketing

The Trial Solution is based on the networking solution for Multiplayer gaming – Terraplay Move. Terraplay recently shared the podium with Synergenix, winning the Ericsson Application Award of the year for best mobile game application with ‘Rally Pro Content’

‘We are very pleased to work with Sony Ericsson to launch a global trial. Demand for over-the-air real time gaming is a reality today and we have designed the solution to allow mobile operators around the world to meet that demand effectively and profitably’, says Jeremy Lewis CEO of Terraplay Systems.

The trial starts in mid December and will continue into the early 2004. The trial is available for consumers who own T300, T306, T310, T316, T226, T230, T608, T610, T616, Z600, Z608 and T630 products.