Creative NOMAD MuVo2 4GB MicroDrive MP3 Player

Creative NOMAD MuVo2 4GB MicroDrive MP3 Player


Creative Technology Ltd., today announced its most remarkable combination of high storage capacity and small size in a portable audio player.

The lightweight and compact NOMAD MuVo2 4GB is as small as a flash memory based player at 67mm by 66.5mm, yet with its tiny Compact Flash Type II one inch micro drive it can hold up to 2100 songs in high-quality WMA format! A fraction of the size and weight of the Apple iPod, the NOMAD MuVo2 4GB holds almost as much music, yet is priced at an estimated street price of around $390 USD.

“We’re bringing the best of both worlds to portable audio with the NOMAD MuVo2 4GB,” said Joseph Liow, Vice President of Creative Labs Asia. “The flash player market is hot; people like to carry a small player wherever they go. But with the NOMAD MuVo2 4GB, now you can have a super compact player yet take up to 2100 songs with you. You don’t waste time deciding what music to take with you when you go out; this little player packs hundreds of hours of music.”

Cased in sophisticated silver and pearl white, with an elegant blue backlit LCD screen, the NOMAD MuVo2 4GB (pronounced MuVo squared) not only looks like a flash player, it is just as easy to use. With super fast USB 2.0 transfer and simple drag and drop mass-storage class functionality.

14-Hour Removable Li-Ion Batteries

The NOMAD MuVo2 4GB features an easily removable and USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery to provide up to 14 hours of continuous music playback on one charge.

Small in stature but big in sound quality, the NOMAD MuVo2 features outstanding audio quality at 98dB SNR, and supports both MP3 and WMA formats. The player offers out-of-the-box support for Windows Media Player 9 Series, as well as access to the broadest selection of music download services using WMA.

The player is easily controlled in one hand with the four-way rocker button. Music is accessed with a simple scroll through folders, playlists or songs for enjoyment in Play, Shuffle or Resume mode. Music playback customization is enabled with equalizer settings, in addition to included environmental settings of rock, jazz or classical.

The NOMAD MuVo2 4GB includes earbuds and a cool-looking protective black carrying case, with a convenient belt clip and compartment to store the player’s USB cable.

Although the NOMAD MuVo2 4GB does not require software to transfer files, the product includes Creative MediaSource™ music management software. MediaSource is an easy-to-use application for ripping and burning CDs, organizing entire digital music collections, and easily transferring MP3 and WMA files to NOMAD players.

The NOMAD MuVo2 4GB is slated for immediate shipment to all retail outlets. For more information about the NOMAD MuVo2 4GB, please visit