Tesa Tech Releases PDA Wearability Kit

Tesa Tech Releases PDA Wearability Kit


SAN JOSE, Calif. — The Tesa Tech Group announces the TurboWear Wearability Kit for Palm PDA’s and Smartphones. The kit is comprised of the CyKey wireless keypad, modified for wearability, and the Wearable PDA Pivot Stand. PDA’s and Smartphones can now be worn securely and comfortably with an ability to flip up to an angle that is both easy to read and conducive for high speed, one-handed texting with the CyKey, even while standing or walking, and carrying a briefcase or purse. The resulting TurboWearables are the first practical, lightweight, wearable computers with great battery life and able to support on-the-move, eyes-up, one-handed, fast, texting for SMS, chat, email, etc.

The CyKey is a small, infrared, “virtual keyboard” that uses “chording” technology to pack the power of a full-sized keyboard into a unit the size of a three-by-five card and thinner than a pencil. It works with Palm OS PDA’s and Smartphones running Palm OS Versions 3.1 – 4.x With an Infrared Adapter it becomes a superior desktop computer keyboard featuring dramatically easier to learn touch typing and leaving one hand free for mouse or phone. Combination keypresses (“chords”) of five main and two extra control keys allow users to type at 25-50 words per minute, with possibly greater speeds achieved through the use of abbreviation expansion software. Learning the alphabet takes less than a half hour, and a decent typing speed can be achieved in 5 to 10 hours. Unlike similar chording devices, the CyKey does not require users to learn all or any of the chords to start typing. Charts mounted on the Wearable PDA Pivot Stand and Chord Guide Software for the PC show which chords create which characters. Most users, however, will find memorizing the chords easy and fun. Tens of thousands of people all over the world have already learned to “microwrite” (the original name of the CyKey-typing system) on different products that go back some 20 years.

The creation of the TurboWear TM Wearability Kit was facilitated by the Tesa Tech Group’s recent acquisition of the PDA Pivot and MultiPivot product lines and websites pdapivot.com and multipivot.com. These multipurpose PDA accessories function as belt-clips, stands, dash mounts, pocket clips and more for PDA’s, phones, handheld games, etc.

TesaTech Group President, Henry E. Williamson, said, “With our TurboWearables, anyone can text at 30-50 words per minute – anywhere, any time. Hopefully multitapping SMS messages at 5-15 words per minute will soon be a thing of the past.”


The Wearability Kit is currently available from the companies website and ranges from $150-200 depending on the different kit customizations.