Motorola Announces the i530: A Rugged Phone for Rugged Conditions

Motorola Announces the i530: A Rugged Phone for Rugged Conditions


Motorola i530 is the First Flip-style Phone in the U.S. that Meets Military Standards for Resistance to Dust, Shock, Vibration and Humidity

RESTON, Va. & PLANTATION, Fla. — Nextel Communications Inc. and Motorola Inc. today announced the availability of the Motorola i530 mobile phone, designed for workers and outdoor enthusiasts who need feature-rich wireless communications in many types of environmental conditions. It is the only flip-style phone in the U.S. that meets military standards for resistance to dust, shock, vibration and humidity.

The Motorola i530 handset is covered in a protective rubber casing for a non-slip grip and extra durability. It is the latest phone to offer Nextel’s Nationwide Direct Connect(SM) walkie-talkie service, which allows instant communication at the touch of a button from coast to coast.

“The Motorola i530 handset is built for workers who require a phone that is compact but also as tough as their jobs, such as those in the construction, manufacturing and transportation industries,” said Blair Kutrow, vice president of product management, Nextel. “Unlike many other handsets on the market today, the Motorola i530 mobile phone is not flimsy or delicate.”

“With a sensible design that stands up to harsh environments, we consider the Motorola i530 handset to be the SUV of mobile phones,” said Peter Aloumanis, general manager, U.S. Markets Division, Motorola’s iDEN Subscriber Group.

The Motorola i530 handset provides a call preview feature, which allows the user to flip open the phone, view the incoming number and then decide whether to answer. It also offers a speakerphone and a vibrate mode.

Optional features include voice-activated dialing and a voice recorder. Because the Motorola i530 handset is GPS enabled, users can also add the Mobile Locator location-based service that allows, for example, the tracking of where field employees are.

The Motorola i530 handset offers a 600-contact phone list and the ability to download ring tones. Audio caller ID(1) allows users to assign a unique ring tone to a specific caller so they know without looking at the display whether to answer a call or to let it go to voicemail.

With its high performance battery, the Motorola i530 handset measures 3.7 x 2.12 x 1.25 inches (94 x 54 x 32 mm) and weighs approximately 5.2 ounces (147 g). It is available in solid black or a combination of yellow and black.


The Motorola i530 handset is available through all Nextel distribution channels, including retail stores, at a price of $124.99 with a two-year service agreement, new activation and credit approval. Taxes, fees, early termination fee and other charges apply.