PacketVideo Wireless Multimedia Technology Powers NEC 616 Handset

PacketVideo Wireless Multimedia Technology Powers NEC 616 Handset


In a step forward to bringing embedded multimedia capabilities to your phone, NEC’s 616 handset will support Real-time Transport Protocol and Real Time Streaming Protocoal, aka RTP and RTSP. The PacketVideo Player will stream industry-standard MPEG-4 media to your phone.

See press release below.

PacketVideo Corp. and PacketVideo Japan have announced that its wireless multimedia technology has been embedded in NEC’s latest “616” mobile handset to support RTP/RTSP streaming. NEC supplies the handset to the Hutchison Whampoa Group that provides W-CDMA protocol 3G wireless network services in Europe and Asia.

In 2001, Hutchison announced that NEC would be its preferred supplier of 3G devices. NEC has been supplying mobile handsets to Hutchison telecom division group companies, Hutchison 3G Hong Kong and Hutchison 3G UK, since spring 2003. The “616” model is the latest handset from NEC with support for RTP/RTSP streaming service and will be released commercially in Hong Kong, U.K., Italy and other countries.

PacketVideo’s multimedia decoding software adopted by NEC in the “616” is based on the agreement on wireless multimedia solutions between Microsoft and PacketVideo announced in September 2002, and the “616” is capable of dual-mode playback for both 3GPP and Windows Media 9 Series file formats. PacketVideo offers its pvPlayer embedded software solution that enables handset and semiconductor manufacturers to easily and quickly embedded multimedia capabilities into their products.

Dr. James Brailean, Ph.D., chief executive officer, PacketVideo, says, “We are very pleased that NEC has selected PacketVideo’s mobilemedia technology for the exciting 616 handset. Consumer and business interest in advanced mobile handsets and services is growing rapidly, particularly in Europe and Asia. We expect our presence to grow even further through our partnership with NEC.”

Kazunori Takagi, PacketVideo Japan president, says, “PacketVideo has been working together with NEC since November 2001 in the sales of wireless streaming content solutions. Our collaborative relationship has now expanded to include the development of video-capable mobile handsets that play a central role in wireless multimedia. We expect our technology to be a powerful and attractive solution for handset manufacturers from different countries to enter markets successfully in new regions.”

Akira Yoshimoto, assistant general manager, NEC Mobile Terminals Software Development Division, says, “With regards to the development of the 616, we focused on RTP/RTSP streaming video playback function and quality. PacketVideo technology is fully compliant with the industry-standard MPEG-4, as well as with Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series. We think it is a platform for providing a wide-range of appealing content services for users.”

W-CDMA (wideband code division multiple access) explained: A 3G format developed by NTT DoCoMo and others, W-CDMA has been proposed as a joint Japan-Europe standard format for the next-generation IMT-2000 format being standardized by ITU. W-CDMA is used by NTT DoCoMo’s 3G service FOMA.