iTAP 6.0 Predicts Complete Sentences

iTAP 6.0 Predicts Complete Sentences


MOUNTAIN VIEW, California — The Lexicus Division of Motorola, Inc., a leading provider of text input software solutions, today announced the availability of iTAP 6.0 Intelligent Text Entry System.

iTAP 6.0 is a new text input method for mobile handsets that adapts to a user’s pattern of communications to reliably predict and suggest entire sentences based on past usage. The iTAP 6.0 system becomes more accurate over time and makes composing entire sentences and paragraphs, intuitive, easy, and personalized.

The iTAP system requires only one key touch to select a letter, and also proposes the next word you intend to add to your message or note. By using past text input and the context of where this text was entered, iTAP 6.0 software goes far beyond simply remembering unique words, slang and abbreviations and suggests entire sentences.

“Our aim with iTAP 6.0 is to make text messaging from a mobile device keypad simple and efficient so these devices are used as much for business communication as for casual communications,” said Neal Campbell, general manager of the Lexicus Division of Motorola. “The iTAP 6.0 input method makes it much easier to construct full concise sentences. This novel approach to inputting text was well received by all categories of users, including youth as well as business professionals in limited trials in Europe and North America.

iTAP 6.0 software is designed to be embedded in small handheld devices that require rich text input capabilities but may lack a full-sized keyboard. While the iTAP solution has typically been focused on solving the fundamental problem of entering text on mobile phone handsets, its size and system requirements make it ideal for nearly any text input application on a small handheld device.

The iTAP 6.0 system has been designed and tested to run on a variety of common embedded system platforms for ARM™, M*Core, and x86-based products. It supports over thirty European and Asian languages.

The software is available to be licensed from the Lexicus Division of Motorola. This text input solution enables mobile communication device manufacturers to add a powerful, intuitive, and adaptive text entry system to their device without a costly redesign of their current hardware. The iTAP 6.0 technology is expected to ship early next year in various Motorola mobile handsets.