Atlas Mobile to Develop Tetris Tournament

Atlas Mobile to Develop Tetris Tournament


Blue Lava Wireless, a publisher of mobile games, and Atlas Mobile, Inc., a mobile game and services company focusing on multiplayer tournament game experiences, announced the upcoming commercial launch of Tetris Tournament for Prizes, the first-ever mobile multiplayer tournament version of the popular puzzle game, Tetris. The game is being developed for QUALCOMM’s Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW) platform. In Tetris Tournament for Prizes, players will be able to compete against each other for prizes in daily head to head and weekly progressive tournaments via BREW-enabled wireless devices.

Players of Tetris Tournament for Prizes will compete to win items such as CDs, DVDs, movie tickets and gift cards. Tetris, one of the most widely played puzzle computer games of all time, focuses on arranging geometric shapes in complete horizontal rows as they fall into a well. When blocks are arranged in a complete horizontal row, they are removed from the matrix, and points are scored. Tetris Tournament for Prizes will give consumers the opportunity to compete for prizes by displaying their skill at this highly addictive and simple puzzle game.

“The combination of Tetris’ popularity and Atlas Mobile’s new twist of offering multiplayer tournaments where players can win prizes is a breakthrough for mobile game players,” said Henk B. Rogers, president, Blue Lava Wireless.

“We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to work closely with Blue Lava Wireless to offer Tetris Tournament for Prizes to our mobile players and offer this unique tournament experience of Tetris to game fans,” said Isaac Babbs, CEO, president and founder of Atlas Mobile.

“Blue Lava Wireless and Atlas Mobile are bringing an exciting and innovative new approach to wireless multiplayer games,” said Mike Yuen, director, BREW Developer Relations, QUALCOMM Internet Services. “Operators around the world offering BREW-based services will find the combination of Tetris, one of the most enduring and popular puzzle games, plus Atlas Mobile’s multiplayer prize-based tournament service a very compelling offering for their customers.”

Tetris Tournament for Prizes is expected to be available to consumers in time for the holiday season.