Roamware’s SIMM allows multiple local mobile numbers using one SIM card

Roamware’s SIMM allows multiple local mobile numbers using one SIM card


CUPERTINO, California. — Roamware Inc., has recently announced that it is providing its new SIMM service to Hong Kong CSL, enabling its subscribers across the Greater China region to use multiple local mobile numbers in multiple destinations using one SIM card.

Roamware’s SIMM (Single IMSI Multiple MSISDN – single SIM card with multiple numbers), solution marks significant progress in value-added voice and data roaming solutions. For subscribers that frequently travel between multiple regions and countries, Roamware’s SIMM solution will enable them to not only access local numbers without changing SIM cards, but also enable other callers to access them more easily via a local number.

The SIMM solution also delivers the capability to make or receive calls on multiple mobile numbers and send and receive SMS on more than one number, while only using one SIM card.

John Hoffman, Roamware CEO, believes that roaming services are moving away from an era where the availability of services has been key to driving uptake and usage, to an era where capability is driving the services.

“This is a really exciting agreement for Roamware. Our new SIMM solution will enable CSL to offer more flexibility to its subscribers. Not only does the solution enable subscribers to save costs on roaming call charges and the convenience of carrying only one SIM card, but it also ensures that subscribers can still use all the other value-added services offered by CSL,” commented Hoffman, CEO, Roamware.

“Our new solution embodies seamless communications and enables CSL subscribers to be reached anywhere, anytime on one number,” added Hoffman.

“CSL is dedicated to offering the very best mobile roaming services for business and leisure travellers. The introduction of the JustOne Card™ service is another new exciting service that anticipates the increasing demand evoked from the market,” commented Richard Midgett, Director of International & Wholesale at CSL.

“By managing mobile numbers from different jurisdictions on a single SIM card, our JustOne Card™ service, riding on Roamware’s SIMM platform, eliminates the need to swap SIM cards and enables customers to enjoy a range of convenient features and special savings on roaming services. The new service brings an unprecedented experience to our customers,” added Midgett.

Roamware hopes to roll this new service out across Asia and other regions.