Sprint and Sanyo Introduce First Video Phone to Include Press-to-Talk Service: PCS...

Sprint and Sanyo Introduce First Video Phone to Include Press-to-Talk Service: PCS Ready Link


Sprint and Sanyo today announced the PCS Vision Video Phone VM4500 by Sanyo, the first phone in the U.S. to feature the ability to shoot digital video clips of up to 15 seconds in length with sound and take VGA-quality digital photos, as well as Sprint’s nationwide walkie-talkie service: PCS Ready Link. Users can instantly share both video clips and photos with family and friends or share them online using Sprint Picture Mail.

The compact, clamshell phone lets users attach a voice memo of up to 10 seconds in length to any video clip or still image. Also included is a built- in, High-Luminance LED that serves as a selectable flash for taking photos or as a movie light. The dual-band/tri-mode phone also offers photo zoom capability and a handy, built-in speakerphone for hands-free conversations.

“Since the launch of PCS Vision in August 2002, Sprint has been introducing new features and services designed to make the PCS Phone the third screen in our customers’ lives. The VM4500 from Sanyo includes every application Sprint has launched through PCS Vision from brand-new services such as Video Mail and Ready Link to downloadable ringers, screen savers and games,” said John Garcia, vice president of sales and distribution for Sprint. “This phone is perfect for customers who want innovation, fun and more communications options — all in one phone.”

“We are especially proud of the Sanyo VM4500, with its wide range of on- demand features,” said Atsushi Kodera, group vice president and general manager of Sanyo Fisher Company’s Wireless Communications Division. “Here, for the first time in one stylish handset, is push and talk functionality as well as video, photo, voice memo, zoom and flash/movie light capability. Sprint’s PCS Ready Link service and PCS Vision fully support the VM4500’s advanced voice, video and photo functions for superlative wireless performance.”

The PCS Phone by Sanyo VM4500 is available nationwide in Sprint Stores, RadioShack and Best Buy, or online at http://www.sprintpcs.com/ at a suggested retail price of $379.99 with special rebate offers depending on the service agreement.

Key features of the PCS Phone by Sanyo VM4500 include:

— PCS Ready Link capability for quick access to key friends, family or

associates, coast to coast. Handset features a convenient, side-

mounted, thumb-operable PCS Ready Link button.

— Built-in digital camcorder function allows users to take and send

video clips up to 15 seconds in length. Up to 33 Normal quality 15-

second video clips can be stored in the handset’s internal memory.

Video resolution is 96 x 128 pixels.

— Built-in digital camera function allows users to take and send VGA

(640 x 480 pixels), QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) and QQVGA (160 x 120

pixels) digital photos. Up to 31 Fine quality VGA or 150 lower-

quality and smaller-resolution photos can be stored in internal


— QuadScreen thumbnail picture review allows viewing of four thumbnails

at a time.

— Voice memo capability to easily attach a voice memo of up to 10

seconds to any photo or video.

— Fully supports PCS Vision services.

— High-Luminance LED serves as a Flash for photos and a Movie Light for

shooting video clips in certain low-light conditions.

— Built-in photo zoom capability (1x, 4x and 16x).

— A top-quality, built-in speakerphone for enjoying hands-free calls

and letting friends join the conversation.

— A 2.1-inch, 65,536-color main TFT LCD display

— A 1-inch, 65,536-color external TFT LCD display helps identify

callers via Photo Caller ID and also can be used as a viewfinder when

taking a self portrait.

— Built-in answering machine allows users to screen calls or to answer

anytime while the caller is leaving a message.

— Features WAP 2.0 browser/Java (J2ME) for enhanced Web browsing.

— Programmable reminders for holidays, birthdays or other significant


— Event calendar, to-do list, call alarm.

— Digital talk time of up to 3.25 hours with included standard Lithium

Ion battery. Digital standby time is up to 10 days.

— The VM4500 measures 3.60″H x 1.85″W x 1.07″D. Weight is 3.85 ounces.

Sprint announced 2.7 million PCS Vision customers through the end of 3rd quarter and leads the industry in adoption of advanced wireless data services. PCS Vision from Sprint includes services that allow customers to take and receive pictures from select PCS Phones; browse the Internet at speeds faster than most dial-up connections; check personal and corporate e-mail; watch clips and stream audio for news and music; download polyphonic, animated and voice ringers, and full-color, graphically-rich games and screen savers, all on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network.

The VM4500 specifically supports the following PCS Vision applications:

Video Mail and Picture Mail — Taking pictures or 15-second video clips and instantly sharing them with family and friends has never been easier. Just point, shoot and share.

Web — Stay informed while on the go with full-color graphic versions of popular Internet sites.

Games — Graphically enhanced single and multi player games provide hours of entertainment on your PCS Vision Phone.

Ringers — Sprint was the first to offer polyphonic ringtones and now, with Vision-enabled PCS Phones from Sprint, users can express even more personality with hundreds of unique downloadable polyphonic, animated, and voice ringers, including the latest music releases, showtunes and sound effects that can be assigned to specific numbers in the address book.

Messaging — PCS Vision gives you more ways to keep in touch than ever. Using Messaging from Sprint, you can send and receive email and exchange text messages — even join a chat room.

Screen Savers — PCS Vision allows customers to personalize their wireless service by wirelessly downloading screen savers right from their phone, many featuring synchronized animation.