Fujifilm’s Fine Pix F610 – 6 MegaPixel Compact Digital Camera

Fujifilm’s Fine Pix F610 – 6 MegaPixel Compact Digital Camera


Fujifilm last week launched the FinePix F610, the first compact digital camera to offer 6 million effective pixels.

The F610 has a 4th Generation Super CCD HR sensor, allowing it to achieve a recorded output of 12 million pixels – meaning users can enlarge to unprecedented print sizes without loss of quality.

Successor to the popular FinePix F601, the F610 adopts the same upright format and builds on its performance and handling to create a formidable camera for photography enthusiasts. Feature-laden, yet easy to use, the FinePix F610 encourages experimentation whilst also offering automatic modes for the less confident user.

The FinePix F610 is technically versatile and offers significant creative control over all elements of the picture-taking process. In addition to full manual, aperture and shutter priority modes, it also offers four special scene modes – Portrait, Sports, Landscape and Night Scene – to help select the most appropriate settings in difficult shooting conditions. In terms of design, the innovative Fujifilm upright format has a clear photographic advantage: the camera is less prone to shake when held one-handed.

Whether you’re an old hand at digital photography, or a newcomer to the art, the FinePix F610’s two LCD screens are a huge boost to the camera’s usability for any photographer. The F610’s designers have taken the innovative approach of displaying shooting information on one LCD screen, and devoting the primary 1.8″ screen to the image. On the professional FinePix S2 Pro digital SLR, this arrangement won many plaudits, and now on the FinePix F610, nothing will impair the view of the photo.

Ideal for capturing the action, the camera offers both continuous shooting and movie modes. In continuous shooting mode, the user can select either the top five or final five shots – making it the perfect camera for sports events. The movie mode captures at an impressive 30 frames per second in 640 x 480 (VGA) quality.

Adrian Clarke, Fujifilm’s Director of Consumer Products, commented, “The FinePix F610 is a good example of how professional-level features and quality are beginning to trickle down into the hands of the consumer, with no additional cost implications. Take the dual screen function and the six million pixel Super CCD – these two features were only previously available in the pro-specification S2 Pro. Now they will be found in the pockets and bags of a wider range of photographers, from beginners to more experienced enthusiasts.”

FinePix F610: Features at a glance

• 4th Generation Super CCD HR sensor with 6.63 million total pixels
• 6.3 million effective pixels with 12.3m recorded pixels
• Two LCD screens – one for camera settings, one for viewing images
• Ultra-fast start-up (1.3 seconds)
• Stylish, upright design; robust aluminium casing
• High sensitivity – up to ISO 800 speed (3 million pixels)
• 1.8″, CG silicon 134,000 pixel TFT LCD monitor
• Fujinon Super EBC 3x optical zoom lens (equivalent to 35-105mm on a 35mm camera)
• Continuous shooting mode (top and final 5 at 3.3 frames/sec up to 5 frames)
• Continuous AF mode
• Movie capture at 30 frames per second (fps) with sound (640 x 480 pixels)
• Four picture-taking scene modes – Portrait, Sports, Landscape, Night Scene
• Exposure modes – Programmed AE, Aperture Priority AE, Shutter Priority AE, Manual
• Video Out socket for fast and easy on-screen TV viewing
• PictBridge compatibility for direct printing
• xD-Picture Card™ storage, providing large capacity, low power consumption, fast write speed

Super CCD HR technology

Fujifilm’s Super CCD HR technology allows high resolution sensors to be housed in even smaller digital cameras. The benefits include ultra-high resolution images and high sensitivity, enabling faster shutter speeds for action shots and low light photography

Availability & pricing

The FinePix F610 will be available in the UK from leading photographic retailers in the first quarter of 2004.