MapInfo Brings US Wi-Fi HotSpot Locator

MapInfo Brings US Wi-Fi HotSpot Locator


San Jose, CA — MapInfo Corporation today announced the release of HotSpotInfo, a first-of-its-kind data solution that enables users to determine the location of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the United States. By combining MapInfo technology with Jupitermedia’s database, users can quickly and accurately pinpoint the location of Wi-Fi hotspots, enabling them to analyze Wi-Fi market penetration, perform in-depth competitor analysis and improve customer service. MapInfo will be exhibiting at the Wi-Fi Planet Conference and Expo in Booth #223.

For example, a communications provider can quickly view all Wi-Fi locations in a specific area, as well as the hotspot provider or competing communications company that operates a particular hotspot. By analyzing this information in a single view, the communications provider can determine if an area is ready for expansion or already saturated with Wi-Fi access points. In addition, the communications provider can perform an in-depth competitive analysis to determine who is the most formidable competition in a specific area, as well as provide improved customer service by quickly directing customers to the closest Wi-Fi hotspot through its call center or Web site.

As the leading resource for finding wireless access points around the world, Jupitermedia’s will provide HotSpotInfo users with the locations of existing Wi-Fi hotspots, as well as new sites that are added monthly. HotSpotInfo will also provide users with an in-depth description of a hotspot location and the network or hotspot provider associated with that location.

According to analyst firm IDC, worldwide commercial Wi-Fi locations are set to grow 57 percent annually over the next five years. With such rapid growth projections, MapInfo HotSpotInfo enables Wi-Fi providers, aggregators and telecommunications companies to make more informed decisions about Wi-Fi expansion and improve customer service.

“As the Wi-Fi market continues to expand, the location of new and mature hotspots is critical to the success of all Wi-Fi providers,” said Chris Cherry, communications strategic industry manager, MapInfo. “Companies within the Wi-Fi industry are focused on increasing the reach of their Wi-Fi network. With the combined power of MapInfo’s location analysis technology and Jupitermedia’s database, HotSpotInfo users can make more informed decisions about Wi-Fi expansion opportunities and competitive threats.”