Samsung Unveils High-tech Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung Unveils High-tech Robot Vacuum Cleaner


The home will never be the same again. Renowned for its innovation, Samsung Electronics has unveiled a trailblazing product that may transform the domestic environment forever – the Samsung VC-RP30W vacuum cleaner.

The ultra high-tech robot vacuum cleaner VC-RP30W has been revealed at the DigitAll Inspiration 2003 product showcase.

The Samsung cleaner draws a 3-D map of the environment to identify its relative location, enabling faster and more efficient cleaning of a defined area. A less advanced automated vacuum cleaner navigates randomly until it faces an obstacle, blindingly crawling the area. The smarter Samsung cleaner knows which area needs to be cleaned, with a much more accurate result. A user can also program in the working time and cleaning options in advance, so that the robot cleans the area automatically when the user is away.

The VC-RP30W can be remotely controlled using a computer with an Internet connection too. When controlled over the web, a user can monitor its working environment with the cleaner’s built-in camera.

The built-in rechargeable battery provides sufficient power to operate the cleaner for 50 minutes. When the power is about to be drained, the cleaner automatically docks itself to the charger.

It is also intelligent enough to clean a multi-room house, negotiate door thresholds and other low-height obstacles. Finally, to correspond to environment friendliness trend, VC-RP30W releases Negative ion to purify the air as it operates.