It’s Official, Thomson announces RCA Lyra RD2780 is now shipping

It’s Official, Thomson announces RCA Lyra RD2780 is now shipping


The long awaited RCA Lyra RD2780 is now shipping to retailers. According to this was to happen 3 months ago, but the manufacturer Thomson electronics could not confirm nor deny this. Today Thomson posted a press release announcing the devices retail availability, they did not give a specific date, but they said “Just in time for the holiday season.” That is if anyone is left to purchase it, the long wait and frustration of buyers had lead consumers to make other choices. Today Archos released the AVCam, a 3.2 digital camera attachment for the AV300 series digital jukebox, yet again staying one step ahead.

See press release below.

Thomson Now Shipping Award-Winning RCA LYRA Audio/Video Jukebox as Ideal Digital Stocking-Stuffer


Plays 80 Hours of Video, Thousands of mp3 Songs and Digital Photos in Portable Device Named “Grand Gadget” by Popular Science Magazine

Combining the best features of a video player, mp3 music player, digital picture frame, and a computer hard-disc peripheral in a compact device that fits easily in a coat pocket, Thomson (Euronext Paris: 18453)(NYSE:TMS) today announced retail availability of the RCA LYRA Audio/Video Jukebox. Arriving just in time for the holiday season, the RD2780 brings a world full of entertainment to consumers’ fingertips. Named one of the top tech innovations of 2003 and a Grand Award winner, the RCA LYRA Audio/Video Jukebox is highlighted in the December issue of Popular Science magazine and its annual “Best of What’s New” competition.

Aimed at frequent travellers and movie and music buffs, the 20GB RD2780 provides an innovative solution for digital entertainment aficionados. The RD2780 enables consumers to easily transport and efficiently manage hours of favorite audio and video content via a concise on-screen menu system that can be customized to reflect user preferences. The versatile RD2780 is compatible with multiple audio and video codecs including MPEG-4, MPEG-1, mp3, Windows Media Audio, and is also upgradeable to mp3PRO. With the portable computer hard drive, it’s also easy to carry other computer files in the device.

“With mp3 products driving the portable audio category, incorporating video playback is the next step in providing consumers with the ultimate portable entertainment experience. The innovative user interface of the RCA LYRA Audio/Video Jukebox makes loading, organizing and managing a vast amount of personalized content a simple task. With its multi-codec support, the RD2780 is truly a universal entertainment device,” said Mark Redmond, Vice President, Worldwide Audio and Video.

Carry 80 Hours of Video, or Load 5,000 Songs

About the size of a small picture frame with a 3.5-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD screen, the RD2780 measures 5.31 x 3.15 x 1.06 inches, and weighs less than a canned soft drink at only 10.5 ounces. It contains a built-in MPEG-4 encoder and decoder, enabling consumers to watch up to 80 hours of pre-recorded television shows, feature films, or home videos at 320 x 240 resolution (when content is loaded directly from the PC), and more than 20 movies (or 40 hours) when content is directly recorded into the device from a video source. The RD2780 easily connects to a television set via an analog composite video output and respects analog copy protection signals from prerecorded media. With built-in separate audio and video recording modes, recording on the device is quick and easy. Since the LYRA Audio/Video Jukebox is essentially a computer peripheral with a hard drive, the unit can also be used for storage of other types of stored data, including word processing documents and presentations. The player easily connects to a PC via the included high-speed USB 2.0 port, where it is automatically recognized as a removable drive, enabling content to be transferred quickly. The RD2780 is also compatible with Mac OS (drag and drop only.)

Consumers have the freedom to personally manage their vast library of mp3 tunes with the included MusicMatch management software, using ID3 tag song data to display artist, album, song title and genre. Music fans can sample hundreds of hours of their mp3 audio files using one of nine playback modes, including normal play, shuffle and repeat, or by programming their own playlists. Navigation through the library is simple using the interactive, on-screen display, even while listening to another song file. Video Timestamp “remembers” the track location when the power was shut off, and provides the option to return to that same spot when the power is returned.

Desktop Picture Frame for your Favorite Photos

The RCA LYRA Audio/Video Jukebox doubles as a portable (or desktop) pocket photo album, since JPEG images are displayed by directly transferring them from the PC or by inserting a Compact Flash memory card. The robust hard drive in the RCA LYRA Audio/Video Jukebox accommodates up to 100,000 JPEG photo images, which can be organized into a slideshow accompanied by music stored on the RD2780. A convenient built-in leg swivels easily into position to allow a desktop slide show.

Adding to the overall value of the RD2780 are the included AC/DC adapter, “ear bud” style stereo headphones, two audio/video patch cables (for line-in and line-out) and a carrying pouch. The RD2780’s car kit provides hours of audio entertainment through a cassette adapter, while the included lithium polymer rechargeable battery provides portable video and audio playback. Suggested retail price of the RD2780 is $449.

Latest Addition to Family of RCA LYRA Products

The RD2780 joins the wide range of current RCA LYRA digital audio products, enabling consumers to enjoy their favorite digital music files on the go. The current RCA LYRA line includes:

• The tiny1.5GB RCA LYRA Micro Audio Jukebox (RD2760, suggested retail $249)

• 40GB RCA LYRA mp3 Jukebox (RD2840, suggested retail $329)

• 256MB RCA LYRA Personal mp3 Player with FM Tuner (RD1090, suggested retail $199)

• 128MB RCA LYRA Personal mp3 Player with FM Tuner (RD1080, suggested retail $149)

• 128MB RCA LYRA Pocket mp3 Player (RD1071, suggested retail $119)

• 64MB RCA LYRA Pocket mp3 Player (RD1021, suggested retail, $99)