NetDisk Mini Network Storage Device

NetDisk Mini Network Storage Device


XIMETA Inc., today announced a new line of NetDisk products. The NetDisk Mini will be launched at Networld + Interop in Paris, November 19-21, 2003. This new product is targeted at the frequent traveler and notebook user who have high storage requirements. NetDisk Mini is a pocket-size external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) that connects directly to your Local Area Network or Personal Computer using Ethernet or USB cables.

“NetDisk Mini provides a new level of convenience and flexibility in storage,” stated Edward Park, CEO and president of XIMETA. “This pocket-size portable network storage solution contains 40 GBs of storage. For the frequent traveler and PC user, it is the ideal travel companion. It is quick and easy to install and weighs only 1.5 lbs.”

Using XIMETA’s own NDAS technology, NetDisk Mini provides a portable storage solution that combines a compact design with high performance, reliability, security and versatility. NetDisk Mini offers high-speed storage, simultaneous mirroring for secure backup and file sharing with everyone on your network. Currently NetDisk Mini is available in 40 GB capacity. Conveniently backup all your files onto one, easily accessible drive.

NetDisk Mini will be available in early December, 2003. The suggested retail price is $249.99 for 40 GB.

Product Features

• Full-featured drive in a tiny format – only 3″ x 5.5″
• Quick and Easy to install
• Instant, High-speed storage
• Versatile – features Ethernet and USB 2.0 & 1.1 interface connections, allowing it to freely switch roles as a network and local storage device. With its multi-interface, NetDisk provides the best network storage solution.
• Scalable – speed does not change even if you add additional NetDisks™; no bottleneck effect (the degradation of response time as the number of devices connected to the LAN increases)
• Sharing – NetDisk is automatically available to all users connected through a Local Area Network (LAN)
• Secure – share data with only the people you want with secure data access
• Expandable – the number of NetDisks™ that can be added to the LAN isvirtually unlimited.
• Aggregation – allows multiple NetDisk units to be recognized as one large drive.
• Hot-swappable – connect and disconnect without powering off your computer.
• Pre-formatted – no need to format or partition the drive; simply plug it in.
• Simple and Convenient – no servers, cumbersome management software, or IP configuration necessary.
• Economical – provides a cost-effective network storage solution.
• Portable and Compact; User-Friendly; Plug-N-Play