Motorola unveils six new mobile phones

Motorola unveils six new mobile phones


Motorola Inc. today introduced a series of new handsets, the Motorola C550, C450, C250, C200, V150 and C343, which leverage the company’s rich design and technology innovation heritage to deliver a more compelling wireless experience for budget-conscious consumers. With vivid colour screens, advanced messaging, integrated and downloadable games and personalization options, each new model offers a unique combination of ‘must-have’ features to provide consumers a choice of handsets that meet their needs and suit their budget.

“Every one of these new handsets has been designed to combine Motorola’s leading technology with affordability,” said Tom Lynch, president of the Motorola Personal Communications Sector. “Our strategy is to invite and enable millions of additional consumers to join the wireless revolution – and, in turn, expand opportunities for wireless operators to increase revenue streams through growth enabled by the mass market.”

The user-interface for the new Motorola handsets has been optimized to increase ease of use and quick access for the most frequently used functions, including improvements in the messaging application and text input speeds.

Motorola C550

The Motorola C550 leads the pack of new handsets with an integrated VGA quality camera, multi-media messaging, downloadable Java™ applications and customizable ringtones – all combined in one of the smallest, lightest designs available. The model C550 offers a unique feature-rich, affordable combination that will increase consumers’ access to photo-messaging and increase revenue potential for operators. The model C550 is expected to be available in Europe and Asia this year.

Motorola C450

The Motorola C450 is packed full of fun features to keep users entertained and connected. This stylish handset includes photo-messaging functionality for silent conversations, as well as Java technology for downloading games at a whim. And, with photo caller-ID* users can see who is calling in a glance. Colourful icons, screensavers, polyphonic speakers, MotoMixer remixable ring tones and enhanced talk and standby time round out this small, lightweight handset. The Motorola C450 is currently available in Europe and is expected to be available in Asia (as the model C375) later this year.

Motorola C250
With a great design, vibrant colour screen and downloadable content from MTV, the new Motorola C250 is sure to make mobile trend-setters proud. With polyphonic speakers and the Motomixer, the model C250 puts an end to boring ring tones by letting users mix their unique and individual sound as good as any DJ. And, with the model C250’s interchangeable front and back covers, along with downloadable themes, animated screensavers and wallpapers, users can let creativity roam free and give their mobile a look and feel all its own. The Motorola C250 is currently available in Asia and Europe.

Motorola C343

Combining a full-colour screen, Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) and interchangeable covers in a compact, ergonomic design, the Motorola C343 extends convenience and personal style to enhance anyone’s mobile communication experience without a high-end price tag. Complete with musical ringtones, games and embedded and downloadable animated screensavers and wallpaper the model C343 has the features that today’s mass market consumers demand. The Motorola C343 is available now in North America and is expected to be available in Latin America early next year.

Motorola C200

For consumers craving a quality back-to-basics experience, the new Motorola C200 packs the best voice and messaging capabilities into a compact, stylish candy-bar design. Embedded games offer diversions during downtime. Plus, animated screensavers and downloadable ringtones allow users to personalize the image and sounds of their model C200. The Motorola C200 will be available in Europe and Asia this year.

Motorola V150

The Motorola V150 mobile phone is an enhanced version of the popular Motorola V50, which was introduced in 1999. The new version features a colour screen encased in a compact silver clamshell style handset – a much-loved retro-design. In addition to its good looks and sense of style, the model V150 gives users voice-dialing capability, enhanced messaging features and Internet access capable. A long-time favorite with a new and improved twist! The Motorola V150 is expected to be available in Europe and Asia this year.

Building On A Strong Foundation

These new handsets expand and extend Motorola’s existing portfolio, which delivers compelling wireless experiences for distinct consumer segments around the world. This includes cutting-edge 3G solutions, compelling mobile professional solutions with the new model MPx200 and a full suite of more than 11 photo messaging products available around the world.

*Network and subscription dependent feature. Not available in all areas.