Sprint Launches Nationwide Two-Way Walkie-Talkie Style Service

Sprint Launches Nationwide Two-Way Walkie-Talkie Style Service


Today, Sprint announced the availability of a new nationwide walkie-talkie style service called PCS Ready Link that gives customers a quick, convenient way to communicate one-on-one or to groups of people with the simple push of a button. Ideal for short “get in, get out” conversations, PCS Ready Link is an efficient and cost-effective way to quickly access co-workers, clients, suppliers, family and friends anywhere on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. The new service makes its debut on two new PCS VisionSM Ready Link Phones by Sanyo, including a ruggedized version and a clamshell design.

“Sprint is focused on being a leader and innovator of advanced products and services that are customer-friendly, easy to use and work the same nationwide,” said Len Lauer, president and chief operating officer of Sprint Corp. “PCS Ready Link is designed to meet the needs of customers who want a quick, cost-effective way to share information, check status and alert others. The new walkie-talkie style service complements a comprehensive suite of Sprint wireless products and services that help our customers stay connected, productive, informed and entertained anywhere on the most advanced and complete wireless network in the country.”

Bringing Innovation to the Two-Way Radio Market

An established leader in handset and wireless services innovation, Sprint has partnered with Sanyo to once again raise the bar in handset design and usability. Customers who want to take advantage of PCS Ready Link will be able to choose from two new full-color screen handsets by Sanyo, both with built-in speakerphones and full PCS Vision capabilities including the ability to browse the Internet, access to downloadable games, ringers, screensavers and other Java-based applications, and a full suite of messaging services including access to personal and corporate e-mail via PCS Business Connection. The PCS Vision Ready Link Phone RL2000 by Sanyo is dual-mode with a blue and black ruggedized, bar-style design to minimize wear and tear from heavy use. The PCS Vision Ready Link Phone RL2500 by Sanyo is dual-mode/tri-mode with a silver clamshell flip design.

Both phones have a suggested retail price of $299.99 with special rebate offers of up to $150 depending on the service agreement. Sprint expects to offer a third handset that combines the new PCS Ready Link service with enhanced picture capabilities later this quarter.

Simplifying the Customer Experience with Convenient, Easy-To-Use Features

PCS Ready Link also offers several customer-friendly and easy-to-use calling features. For example, PCS Ready Link customers use the same phone number for voice and PCS Ready Link calls, which means users have only one number to remember for both types of calls. Additionally, customers can easily manage their PCS Ready Link personal directories and group lists directly from their handsets or via the Web at www.readylink.sprintpcs.com. Contact lists created by users from the Web-based tool are updated over the air to the user’s phone. Company administrators also have the ability to maintain a separate company directory on their employees’ handsets. Administrators can update their company directories and group lists and push changes to the phones of their employees via a Web-based administration portal.