Panasonic Shows New Ultra-Slim Drives at Comdex

Panasonic Shows New Ultra-Slim Drives at Comdex


LAS VEGAS — Panasonic’s commitment to the Recordable DVD and PC industry continues with the announcement of a new line-up of DVD MULTI Drives that offer users a fast, slim option for all multi-media recording needs. The MULTI Drives, which support DVD-RAM/R/RW formats, will be demonstrated during this year’s COMDEX alongside other DVD- RAM products to highlight the continued growth of the format. The Panasonic branded and OEM DVDBurners are the company’s third generation of MULTI Drives that provides users the benefits of DVD-RAM technology combined with the compatibility and flexibility of DVD-R/RW.

The new DVD drives extend the current Panasonic drive lineup and capabilities in three ways. The new high-speed DVD MULTI models – both OEM and branded – now provide users 3X DVD-RAM and 4X DVD-R write speeds. In addition, the new Panasonic lineup also features an OEM Slim and Super Slim drive, as well as two branded MULTI Drives – providing users with internal and external solutions for DVD recordability – even in the slimmest of notebooks and laptops. The OEM Slim and Super Slim measure less than one-half inch high and weigh less than 7.5 oz. The new drives include read/write support for all Recordable DVD formats approved by the DVD Forum and read/write support for CD-R/RW discs.

In addition, Panasonic is rounding out its new branded drive line with an external slim CD-R/RW burner with read support for DVD-RAM/R/RW, as well as DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, CD-R and CD-RW.

“Panasonic’s new line of DVD MULTI Drives reinforces our commitment to providing consumers and OEM’s alike with a wide variety of options for their Recordable DVD needs, ” said Dana Berzin, Product Manager for Panasonic’s OEM computer drives. “By offering multiple configuration options and delivering the benefits of DVD-RAM – large capacity, durability and true random access – and the flexibility for DVD-R/RW, these drives are clearly some of the most versatile choices on the market. As DVD-RAM continues to dominate the industry, products like these MULTI Drives will become the recorders and drives of choice for home video, personal computing and business storage/archiving.”

The new drives, which are available now include:

– Portable MULTI DVD Recorder LF-P567CU USB 1.1 or USB2.0
– Internal MULTI DVD recorder LF-M621U Tray Type
– OEM DVD MULTI Super Slim OEM UJ-812 9.5mm Tray Type
– OEM DVD MULTI Slim OEM UJ-811 12.7mm Tray Type
– OEM DVD MULTI Slim OEM UJ-815 12.7mm Slot Type
– OEM DVD MULTI 4X OEM SW-9572 Cartridge Type
– OEM DVD MULTI 4X OEM SW-9582 Tray Type

To highlight the benefits of DVD-RAM compatibility, Panasonic will demonstrate the new DVD MULTI Drives at the RAMPRG Demo Suite at the Las Vegas Hilton, Suite 573/576 from Nov. 17-21, 2003. Panasonic will join other RAMPRG member companies including Hitachi, Samsung, Toshiba and others..

The specifications of the new drives ensure disc compatibility for all recordable DVD formats established by the 230-plus member DVD Forum – both for consumer electronics products and personal computers. In addition to reading and writing DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW discs, the new MULTI Drives can also play DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio and CD-ROM discs.

When using Panasonic’s new full size MULTI Drives -models OEM SW-9572 and SW-9582, and Panasonic branded drive LF-M621U – to write to a 4.7GB DVD-R disc, the drive achieves speeds of 4x, with DVD-ROM playback at 12X. Currently the write-once DVD-R is considered the most compatible of all DVD formats and can be played back on most of the DVD legacy video players and DVD-ROM drives. And when utilizing the optimal technology of DVD-RAM, which is the ideal format for PC applications, the new drives offer a 3X write speed.

The slim and external DVD MULTI Drives deliver on size, convenience, and speed – offering twice the speed of its Panasonic predecessors. The drives offer a 2X DVD-RAM/R write speed and 8X DVD-ROM read. In addition, all of the drives ensure error-free recording with buffer under-run technology. In addition, the branded MULTI Drives are bundled with software for ever consumers need including DVD-MovieAlbumSE 3.0, MyDVD(TM) 4, WinDVD(TM) 4, B’s Recorder Gold5 basic, FileSafe and B’s CliP5.

“Panasonic and the RAM PRG Group have continued to deliver DVD-RAM products that bring technology and ease of use to consumers and businesses alike,” said Charles Vidal, Product Manager for Panasonic-brand retail computer drives. “These drives bridge all formats and applications, and offer interoperability with a variety of DVD-RAM compatible products available from quality companies.

Price, Availability

The Panasonic branded DVD MULTI Drives and CD-R/RW Burner, Models LF- P567CU, LF-M621U and KXL-CB30AU are available now and retail for $349.00, $299.00 and $225.00 respectively. The OEM line of drives is also available now and manufacturers interested in the new drives should contact Panasonic Industrial Company.