Dell Unveils TrueMobile 5100 GPRS PC Card

Dell Unveils TrueMobile 5100 GPRS PC Card


Dell today unveiled the TrueMobile 5100 Tri-Band GPRS PC Card with several wireless access service plans from both T-Mobile and AT&T Wireless.

The TrueMobile 5100 Tri-Band GPRS PC Card, offered at a special promotional price of $99.00, can be used with any Dell Latitude or Inspiron notebook and provides the ability to manage e-mail, browse the Web or access corporate applications outside of Wi-Fi enabled “Hot Spots”.

Dell makes it easy for customers to order the Dell TrueMobile 5100 GPRS PC Card. Any new Dell notebook computer can be configured with the TrueMobile card, or existing customers can order the card through Dell Software and Peripherals.

T-Mobile has 3,200 HotSpot locations across the country and offers two GPRS service plan options with the TrueMobile 5100 card. T-Mobile’s Internet Plan offers unlimited GPRS data at $29.99 per month while its Combo Internet & HotSpot Plan offers both unlimited GPRS data and unlimited Wi-Fi HotSpot access for $49.98 per month. In a special first-time offer for Dell customers, users that sign up with T-Mobile receive one month of service at no additional charge after completing an online rebate form.

AT&T Wireless’ GPRS plans range from 10 megabytes to unlimited megabytes per month with monthly fees starting as low as $29.99 per month. Customers can also elect to subscribe to AT&T Wireless’ Wi-Fi services for access to hot spots within select airports, hotels, and various other locations. AT&T Wireless operates one of the largest GSM/GPRS networks in the United States with service in thousands of cities, and roaming agreements throughout Canada, Europe and Asia.