Nextel to offer Motorola i730 Walkie-Talkie Phone

Nextel to offer Motorola i730 Walkie-Talkie Phone


RESTON, Va. — Nextel Communications Inc. today announced the availability of the Motorola i730, the most advanced phone offered by Nextel. The Motorola i730 handset enhances Nextel’s instant Nationwide Direct Connect walkie-talkie service.

The sleek, flip-style Motorola i730 is the smallest phone in Nextel’s portfolio. It includes a display with a range of up to 65,000 colors and GPS technology for location-based applications and services.

The Motorola i730 handset offers the one-touch Direct Connect walkie-talkie feature, allowing users to simply press the Push To Talk walkie-talkie button to instantly contact the last number that was engaged in a Direct Connect walkie-talkie conversation, much like a redial button. Users can also program a specific Direct Connect number that instantly connects whenever the PTT walkie-talkie button is pressed from the main screen.

The Motorola i730 handset also includes:

Java MIDP 2.0 – one of the first phones with this advanced technology, which enables the phone to automatically launch an application when turned on, to run multiple applications at once, enhanced security and more

Speakerphone – for convenient hands-free conversations
Voice recorder – captures memos or incoming phone conversations for future playback (*)

600-contact phone book – store up to eight numbers for a single name

Voice-activated dialing – speak to dial numbers

GPS technology-enabled – for location-based applications and services

Multi-color call illuminator – a circle of lights on the outside of the phone can flash a variety of colors in time with the ring tone

Airplane mode – turn off the network connection and use programs, games, voice recorder and datebook while in flight

Profiles – personalize settings for up to twelve environments; for example, when the self-titled “meeting” mode is selected, the phone could be set to only vibrate

Pre-loaded wallpapers – and the ability to download more right from the phone

External screen – shows the time, date and caller ID without the need to open the flip phone

Audio caller ID – user-assignable ring tones allow users to instantly identify important calls without having to look at the phone

The Motorola i730 mobile phone includes sample games and applications, a full-version Calculator2Go and several wallpapers and ring tones. Users can download additional applications and content at

The Motorola i730 handset weighs 5.1 ounces and measures 3.6 x 1.1 x 2 inches. It is available through all Nextel distribution channels, including retail stores, at a price of $299.99 with a two-year service agreement, new activation and credit approval. Taxes, fees, early termination fee and other charges apply.

Nextel’s Nationwide Direct Connect walkie-talkie service allows instant contact across thousands of miles. In less than one second, Nextel subscribers can communicate with up to 13 million other subscribers of Nextel, Nextel Partners and Nextel Mexico throughout the continental United States, Hawaii and northern Baja California, Mexico.

(*) Recording of phone calls is subject to varying state and federal laws regarding privacy and recording of phone conversations. Always obey the laws and regulations on the use of this feature.