Maps on the go With TomTom

Maps on the go With TomTom


TomTom has released an alternative to paper maps for Series 60-based smartphones. The Nokia 7650, 3650 and 6600 now have a clear route when navigating major cities.

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TomTom, a Dutch company behind several popular map and navigation solutions for Pocket PC, Palm OS and Series 80 platforms today announced the availability of CityMaps for Series 60 based smartphones, including the Nokia 3650, 7650, 6600, N-Gage, Siemens SX1, Samsung SGH-D700 and Sendo X.

TomTom expands the range of devices supported by its popular CityMaps to mobile phones

Amsterdam –- TomTom BV, a leading provider of personal navigation systems, today announced the availability of CityMaps for all Nokia Series 60 based mobile phones, including the Nokia 3650, 7650, 6600, N-Gage, Siemens SX1, Samsung SGH-D700 and Sendo X. Owners of these popular phones can now enjoy the flexibility of having maps literally at their fingertips for navigation and journey planning in more than 60 American and European cities.

CityMaps are with you all the time when you are carrying your phone, and their sophisticated yet easy to use features – far more comprehensive than any printed map could offer – are always available to help you find your way.

Any of the maps can be used to:

Find places by street number, road crossing or geographical coordinates
Plan routes between two places – and avoid streets or areas you select
Show useful points of interest such as restaurants, hotels and theatres
Zoom in for a closer look at detailed areas
See street names and house numbers displayed on the maps
Save your favourite locations making it easy to revisit them

TomTom CityMaps are easily downloaded from the TomTom Web site to your computer where they can be stored permanently. You can copy the map to your phone using whatever type of wireless connection suits you best.

“We know that many people today carry their mobile phone more often than any other technology, which is why we developed TomTom CityMaps in this direction,” said Corinne Vigreux, Sales Director at TomTom. “We believe TomTom CityMaps are the ideal companion for anyone needing to get around in a new city whether on foot or using transport.”

CityMaps are available to download for US$ 4.99 each and have an average size of 1 MB. Payment for the web store is only possible in US dollars.

TomTom City Maps are available now for a range of European cities from Amsterdam to Valencia, and also for key cities in the major American states. Visit for an up to date list of cities covered, and for more detail on how to obtain TomTom CityMaps for mobile phones.