BenQ goes for Opera

BenQ goes for Opera


Opera Software today announced that BenQ, a leading manufacturer of digital lifestyle devices, has decided to include the Opera’s Smartphone Edition on their Symbian-based P30 smartphone.

Opera revolutionized the mobile and Internet industry with the launch of Small-Screen Rendering™ (SSR) in 2002. With SSR, handset manufacturers and operators can for the first time fit the whole Web into the limited screen sizes available on smartphones. SSR intelligently reformats Web pages to fit the available screensize, eliminating the need for horizonal scrolling.

“Users will love surfing the Web with Opera on the P30. With a 16-bit touchscreen that sports a resolution of 320×208 pixels, both interaction and visibility is a breeze,” says Harrison Chang, Senior Associated Vice President of BenQ. “By including Opera we gain a competitive edge with operators and users, the P30 offering everything a mobile operator can dream about in a device.”

Opera is fun for both users and operators, data proving that GPRS traffic goes through the roof when Opera is included on a handset.

“The combination of a good-looking handset like the P30 and Opera will result in a winner in the market place,” says Rolf Assev, executive vice president strategic alliances, Opera Software. “Operators can now significantly raise their average revenue per user, while simultaneously providing their subscribers with a fun and useful Web experience”

P30 is scheduled for delivery in Q1 2004. Opera’s delivery is based upon Opera’s 6.2 code base on Symbian OS v.7.0 and the UIQ platform.