WiFi at Whistler

WiFi at Whistler


Now those traveling to Whistler British Columbia can connect to the 11MB/second wireless 802.11b network. The entire village will offer public access, this includes hotel rooms, restaurants, pubs, cafes and anywhere else within range. The cost is set at $10 a day for unlimited usage.

See press release below.

Whistler Cable Delivers Wireless Internet to Whistler; Whooshnet Wireless High-Speed Internet Access Available Throughout Resort Community

WHISTLER, Canada–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Whistler Cable Television Ltd., the largest broadband Internet service provider in Whistler, today unveiled its Whooshnet Wireless(TM) Internet service, providing Whistler visitors portable Internet access throughout the popular resort community. The service features substantially faster speeds than DSL, secure network access, and an affordable pay-per-use system suited for Whistler’s 1.2 million visitors each year.

Whooshnet Wireless(TM) has deployed wireless antennas throughout Whistler village and the neighboring Upper Village to supply seamless coverage for Internet access. Visitors can access the network using PDAs or notebook PCs equipped with an 802.11b compliant wireless adaptor from condominiums, hotel rooms, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and other public spaces within Whistler’s three main villages.

Whooshnet Wireless(TM) leverages Whistler Cable’s high-speed optical network to achieve enhanced security, effective access control and networking speeds up to 11MB/second. The service positions Whistler as the only resort community in Canada with full coverage wireless Internet.

“We believe this service will find strong support with both visitors to Whistler and the local community,” said Ron Saperstein, General Manager of Whistler Cable Television Ltd. “Whooshnet Wireless(TM) offers property owners and business owners the opportunity to both use the service affordably, and profit by the deployment of antennae on their buildings and the sale of prepaid cards.”

“This ubiquitous wireless network, spanning more than eight square kilometers, is one of the most ambitious projects of its kind in the world,” said Ian Andrew Bell, whose company CorporationX was contracted to design and build the service, “Whooshnet Wireless(TM) will surely be a key tool in preparing Whistler for the 2010 Olympics and events to follow.”

Whooshnet Wireless(TM) users can either purchase service with credit card online or with prepaid cards available at numerous locations around Whistler. The service will be available beginning November 1 for $10 Canadian (approximately $7.75 US) per day.