Targus Packs 31 New Features into PORT 3.1 Series Notebook Cases


    ANAHEIM, Calif. — Targus Inc., inventor of the notebook case and the dominant provider of mobile computing accessories, today unveiled its new PORT 3.1 Series of notebook computer cases. With the PORT 3.1 Series, Targus enhances what is already the most popular case line among Fortune 1000 companies and broadens its availability to include consumer and corporate markets. The series consists of the PR300 Commuter Case, the PR600 Notebook Backpack and the PR700 EasyRoller, each packing 31 new value-added features.

    “For over 10 years the PORT brand has been recognized as the industry’s most desirable notebook case among Fortune 1000 buyers,” said Brett Johnson, president of Targus. “The new PORT 3.1 Series is the culmination of years of manufacturing experience and feedback from these valuable customers. The resulting cases consider and address every possible need of this demanding population, but ultimately everyone, not just corporate users, will benefit from the enhancements.”

    The PORT 3.1 Series is currently available through corporate distribution and on the Targus Web site (www.targus.com), and will be available at major retailers, including Best Buy, Circuit City, and CompUSA in January 2004. Targus has set the following MSRPs for the product line: $79 for the PR600 Notebook Backpack; $99 for the PR300 Commuter Case and $149 for the PR700 EasyRoller.

    All three PORT 3.1 Series cases fit notebooks with screens up to 15 inches. Notable features include:

    — Patented SafePORT Air Cushion System:
    Drop-tested against every leading competitor by an independent U.S. research company in August 2003, Targus’ patented SafePORT system outperformed its closest competitors by over 400 percent. SafePORT technology combines vented air cushioning and high-density foam padding in a single chamber. Four specially engineered polyurethane pillows “float” the notebook inside the case. If the case is dropped, the system absorbs the shock and slowly forces air through vents substantially reducing the impact. The technology behind the SafePORT Air Cushion System provides five times the protection of standard foam padding found in many cases.

    — AirTrak Pneumatic Wheels:
    Targus is the first manufacturer to incorporate air-filled wheels on a notebook case. Available only on the PR700 EasyRoller, AirTrak pneumatic wheels provide the smoothest and quietest transport available.

    — Shock-Absorption Design:
    Targus’ padded, non-slip shoulder Equalizer Strap(R) absorbs shock and distributes case weight evenly across a user’s shoulder. The PR300 Commuter Case and PR700 EasyRoller also feature Targus’ patented ergonomic handles, which lock together and fit naturally in the palm of a hand.

    — Zip-Down Workstation:
    With 15 different pockets and pouches, the PORT 3.1 Series case functions as a portable desk station when on the road. In addition to holding a notebook computer, the PORT 3.1 Series includes size-specific compartments to hold a PDA, power adapters, external hard drives and a cell phone.

    — Airport Convenience:
    All three designs meet the carry-on guidelines of all major airlines. The line’s top-loading design gives users quick and easy access to the notebook compartment for security removal. Two quick-access pockets on the front of the cases are available to store smaller items such as identification, passports and airline tickets.

    — Retractable Light in Workstation:
    Targus includes a powerful retractable pen light inside of the workstation of the Commuter and EasyRoller cases. The light’s blue hue enables users to illuminate the entire notebook workstation area without disturbing neighbors.