Sony Announces New Micro Vault USB Products

Sony Announces New Micro Vault USB Products


Enhancing its diverse line of portable storage solutions and offering consumers an even wider range of data storage and transfer capabilities, Sony Electronics is introducing four new additions to the Micro Vault USB storage media product lineup.

Leading off the new lineup is the Micro Vault with Fingerprint Access, a portable storage device that provides the convenience of using a unique fingerprint identification system to replace passwords or IDs for web site access.

The Micro Vault with Fingerprint Access also features a 128 MB embedded storage capacity, a docking station and quick access via a high-speed USB 2.0 connection. It is an ideal solution for computer/Internet users with many passwords, as well as for those in industries where secure information is transmitted and received daily (e.g. finance, medical, insurance and legal).

Joining the Fingerprint Access unit is a new Micro Vault with an incorporated Memory Stick® media reader/writer, which offers the benefit of two storage devices in one, allowing easy movement of data between the removable Memory Stick media card and the Micro Vault’s 128 MB of embedded memory, or directly to a computer. Compatible with all Memory Stick media formats including Memory Stick Duo™ with adapter, Micro Vault with Memory Stick media reader/writer also enables high-speed data transfer when used with Memory Stick PRO™ media.

Also new to the product line is a smaller form factor Micro Vault, almost half the size of the original Micro Vault design and equipped with a desktop docking station. Additionally, a new 512 MB capacity will be offered in the original product design.

“Popularity in the USB storage media category is soaring; in fact, it’s more than doubled each quarter for the past year,” said Michael Lucas, director of consumer and convergent media of Sony Electronics’ Media and Applications Solutions Division. “Moving beyond early adopters, mainstream consumers are attracted to our Micro Vault products, and as the market continues to grow, our position is to continue development in order to meet the varying portable storage needs of an even wider consumer base.”


Leveraging the convenience and security of fingerprint identification technology, Sony’s Micro Vault with Fingerprint Access stores and automatically enters users’ web site IDs and passwords by registering unique users’ fingerprints through a sensor.

Think of it: With the Fingerprint Access unit, you have the most unique password imaginable (your fingerprint), minimizing the need to remember a myriad of passwords while home or on the road.

For added security, there is also a screen saver lock that protects against unauthorized computer access and provides file and folder encryption capabilities. The unit can also conveniently and securely store and transport favorite websites from computer to computer. Featuring 128 MB of embedded storage capacity, a docking station and high-speed USB 2.0, it’s a storage solution combined with the convenience of fingerprint access.

The Micro Vault with Fingerprint Access (Model USM128C) will be available this month at a suggested retail price of $139.99.


Sony’s new Micro Vault with Memory Stick media slot features two storage options in one by adding a Memory Stick media reader/writer to the device’s embedded storage. The device provides digital camcorder and camera owners with enhanced storage functionality and additional means for transferring digital images to PCs. The new product, which integrates 128 MB of Micro Vault portable storage with Memory Stick media, lets users transfer images from their Memory Stick media onto the Micro Vault device, or transfer images to USB-based desktops and notebooks. Retaining the Micro Vault form factor, the unit features a Memory Stick media slot, which accommodates Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick media with Memory Select Function and standard Memory Stick media. For Memory Stick PRO media users, the device enables high-speed data transfer and capacities up to 1 GB.

Included with each device is a 16 MB Memory Stick media card and Micro Vault’s software suite featuring Password Lock, which enables files to be stored in a password protected area. Micro Vault with Memory Stick media reader/writer (Model USM128B) will be available this month at a suggested retail price of $89.99.


Sony recently introduced the Micro Vault “Mini,” which is approximately 60 percent of the size of the original Micro Vault, but features the same functionality including hi-speed USB 2.0, Windows and Mac compatibility and the software suite featuring Password Lock. The “Mini” line is available in 128 MB and 256 MB capacities and includes a convenient desktop docking station.

Both Micro Vault “Mini” products (Models USM128S and USM256S) are available now for suggested retail prices of $79.99 and $109.99, respectively.


Introduced in January 2002, Sony Micro Vault USB storage media was designed to make the storing, sharing and transporting of data easier than ever. About the length of a car key and the thickness of a highlighter pen, Micro Vault plugs directly into a computer’s USB port and acts like another drive. Compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems, Micro Vault was developed to meet the growing need among both mobile professionals and consumers for ultra-portable, quick file transfer of everything from Word documents to media-rich PowerPoint presentations to digital photos. Sony’s 2003 product offerings expand the USB storage technology to specialized needs for security, memory capacity and dual-drive capabilities.

Micro Vault Original will feature a new unit with an increased memory capacity of 512 MB (Model USM512U2//M2) beginning this month for a suggested retail price of $199.99.