MetroPCS First to Offer Unlimited Wireless Long Distance and Local Calling for...

MetroPCS First to Offer Unlimited Wireless Long Distance and Local Calling for $40 per Month


This may not sound like anything special to some, but being in Canada and having to deal with bullyish cellphone carriers that rape you for every cent, this is a dream come true.

The Canadian cellular carriers pinch every penny from users, from service fees, connection fees, excessive per minute billing fees on all local and long distance calls. It’s no surprise to people having a cell phone bill cost them over $200 in a single month, and you didn’t even call long distance.

I hope a company like MetroPCS comes out into the Canadian market to save us money from the wireless monopoly in Canada.

See press release below.

MetroPCS is once again changing the way consumers use wireless phone service by offering unlimited long distance and local service that lets customers talk whenever they want, all they want, to wherever they want for just $40 a month. The wireless carrier is the first to provide unlimited, anytime U. S. domestic long distance and local wireless service for one flat rate with no contract.

Since launching service last year, MetroPCS has grown to approximately 900,000 subscribers over a 20-month period. This growth is attributed to the company’s flat rate offering of unlimited, “pay by the month, not by the minute” wireless service with no contract.

“Ever since we launched our wireless service, we have realized a positive response among consumers when they’re given the freedom to talk all they want for one monthly rate. Now we’re further changing the face of wireless by providing unlimited service for long distance, making it even easier and more affordable for customers to communicate with anyone, anytime, to anywhere in the country,” said Roger Linquist, MetroPCS founder and CEO. “Unlimited long distance builds upon our business philosophy of truly taking the worry out of wireless, and strengthens our position as an innovative wireless service provider who listens and responds to consumer needs.”

Earlier this quarter, MetroPCS test marketed the long distance offer and consumer response was very positive. This new offering and the positive response follows a trend of consumers spending more time on their wireless phones. According to a recent survey by Yankee Group, wireless subscribers in the U.S. now spend, on average, more minutes talking on their cell phones than they do on traditional landline phones.

“By providing our unlimited, anytime service, MetroPCS is making it possible and affordable for consumers to cut the landline cord. Now they don’t have to worry about how long they talk or what time of the day they talk to friends and family at home or across the country,” Linquist concluded.