Netgear ADSL 2+ Wireless Gateway Supports 24 Mbps

Netgear ADSL 2+ Wireless Gateway Supports 24 Mbps


Netgear today has unveiled the first 802.11g Wireless ADSL 2+ Gateway that can support a massive 24 Mbps Internet pipe. This is the fastest yet and designed specifically for bandwidth-intensive services such as video conferencing and movies on demand. The new DG834G Wi-Fi connectivity functions at speeds up to five times faster than 802.11b.

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NETGEAR First to Launch 802.11g Wireless ADSL Gateway Supporting Higher Speed ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+ Standards

DG834G 54 Mbps Wireless ADSL Firewall Router and Companion Wired DG834 ADSL Firewall Router Offer Better Performance for Secure, Always-on Broadband Connectivity with Internet Sharing

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — October 27, 2003 — NETGEAR, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTGR), a worldwide provider of technologically advanced, branded networking products, today announced the DG834G 54 Mbps Wireless ADSL Firewall Router, the first multifunction gateway to incorporate both the latest IEEE 802.11g standard for wireless local area networks (LANs) and ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+, the new standards for asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) broadband technology. In addition, the company is releasing a companion wired gateway, the DG834 ADSL Firewall Router, which also supports ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+. These technologies support greater reach and throughput for Internet connections between the service provider and the home or office gateway, at downstream speeds up to 12 Mbps for ADSL 2 and 24 Mbps for ADSL 2+.

The DG834G combines five functions in a single box — ADSL modem, router, switch, firewall, and 802.11g wireless access point, delivering instant protected network connectivity, with or without wires. It is the next-generation of NETGEAR’s award winning 802.11b wireless gateway and is compatible with products based on the prevalent 802.11b standard. The new DG834G functions at speeds up to five times faster than 802.11b, making it ideal for distributing large files such as digital movies, MP3s, and photos in a home or office. In addition, the 802.11g standard delivers better range for greater wireless coverage.

Further underscoring its position as a networking pioneer, NETGEAR has also released the next-generation of its popular and award winning wired gateway, the new DG834 ADSL Firewall Router. Four products in one, the DG834 includes a built-in ADSL modem for continuously available broadband access, in addition to a router, 10/100 LAN switch, and firewall.

Said David James, NETGEAR’s Product Line Manager for Residential Gateways, “Our new next-generation gateways offer convenient, all-in-one networking while supporting bandwidth-intensive applications. They are designed to be appropriate for any type of environment, whether home or office, wireless or wired, and we believe will have particular appeal in Europe, where NETGEAR already enjoys broad adoption of its earlier generation of ADSL gateways.”

In Asia and in Europe, ADSL service providers are planning to offer ADSL 2 (12 Mbps downstream) and ADSL 2+ (24 Mbps) service for faster connectivity for more users over the fatter ADSL pipes. NETGEAR’s ADSL gateways, through a firmware upgrade, are the first in the industry to support these new Internet speeds to enable service providers to realize exciting but bandwidth-intensive services such as video conferencing and movies on demand.

The DG834 can link four computers and/or Ethernet enabled devices such as gaming consoles and peripherals including printers directly over wired Ethernet, while even more can be connected wirelessly with the DG834G. Both units feature NETGEAR’s proprietary Smart Wizard interactive install assistant, offering step-by-step guidance through a smooth and easy set-up. The firewall protects the network with business-class security against intruders, including logs and alerts of break-in attempts, while VPN pass-through safeguards connections between the home and office. Boasting double the memory and a 50 percent faster CPU than many popular routers, both gateways sport a contemporary, sleek design. NETGEAR further protects its customers’ networking investments by making available future firmware enhancements to both products via the Internet, including upgrades to the faster ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+ speeds.

“In Europe, not only are DSL broadband connections more widespread than in the U.S., but networking products incorporating 802.11g wireless technology are growing quickly in popularity,” commented Richard Webb, who studies European broadband networks in his capacity as directing analyst for wireless LANs at Infonetics Research. “As home networks grow beyond the office to include home entertainment and security applications, there’s a corresponding need for more powerful connectivity devices offering greater throughput. NETGEAR’s new ADSL firewall routers should be well received by people who are looking for a sturdy, easy to use, single-box solution.”

The NETGEAR DG834G 54 Mbps Wireless ADSL Firewall Router and DG834 ADSL Firewall Router are both backed by a warranty of up to two-years and 24/7 technical support. The DG834 is available at a North American list price of $155, while the DG834G will be available in November 2003 at a North American list price of $240. Both products will be available via leading retailers, as well as direct marketers, e-commerce sites, and value-added resellers in the United States, Europe, and Asia.