ATI IMAGEON 2250 co-processor chosen for new Motorola V300, V500 and V600...

ATI IMAGEON 2250 co-processor chosen for new Motorola V300, V500 and V600 handsets


MARKHAM, ON –- Motorola has chosen the IMAGEON 2250 multimedia co-processor from ATI Technologies Inc. for its new handsets line up. The Motorola V300, V500 and V600 handsets use ATI’s IMAGEON multimedia and display co-processor chip to provide rich graphics and multimedia applications in a new power-efficient system architecture. The decision by Motorola to use IMAGEON components in their new handsets represents a major milestone for ATI in the mobile phone market.

“ATI and Motorola are recognized technology and industry leaders in their respective markets,” said David Orton, President and COO, ATI Technologies Inc. “This collaboration will enable both companies to build upon those unique strengths and bring exciting new options to mobile phone consumers worldwide.”

Analysts at IDC predict that the mobile phone market will ship more than 548 million units in 2005 worldwide of which 343 million will feature color displays, according to Display Search.

“As consumers become technologically sophisticated, demand is growing for cameras, color displays, and other multimedia functions in devices like mobile phones,” said Adrian Hartog, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Products Division, ATI Technologies Inc. “ATI’s IMAGEON 2250 is the ideal solution for mobile phone manufacturers because it offers powerful multimedia support with low power consumption.”

The IMAGEON 2250 enables support for an integrated digital camera, 15-frames per second image capture, electronic viewfinder, on-the-fly JPEG encoding of pictures, as well as JPEG and MPEG-4 decoding for viewing multimedia content on the handset. All these functions result in the creation of the ultimate visual experience for the end-user, and are key to the new Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) trend.

In addition, the integrated frame buffer memory and flexible LCD controller in the IMAGEON 2250 allow for a new system architecture partition in the handset to offload the baseband processor, minimizing the power consumption in many operational modes