Motorola unveils V300 handset

Motorola unveils V300 handset


Basingstoke, UK — Motorola, Inc. a global leader in wireless communications, today introduced the Motorola V300 mobile phone — the latest visual communications masterpiece created for youthful consumers — exclusively within T-Mobile european markets. Packaging the latest mobile experiences, including an integrated VGA camera with zoom, a 65,000 colour screen and MP3 ringtones, with a stylish and unique exterior, the sporty Motorola V300 is perfect for T-Mobile’s socially-active consumers looking for a feature packed mobile phone that won’t break the bank.

With the introduction of the Motorola V300 across Europe (UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria and Hungary), Motorola and T-Mobile are addressing the needs of thousands of young people who will upgrade their handset or purchase their first mobile phone in the next six months. With an integrated camera, colour screen, downloadable ringtones and messaging capabilities at the top of their mobile features request list, young people across the globe demand full-sensory experiences and digital personalisation options at an affordable price. The new Motorola V300 packages these features and more in a compelling clamshell design to directly address the needs of this market.

Capture The MotoMoment
Shape your mobile world in a MotoMoment with the model V300’s integrated VGA camera with zoom, which captures high quality pictures for viewing on compatible mobile phones and PCs. The mobile’s Multi-Media Messaging Service (MMS) allows you to share pictures of a new outfit or a hilarious moment with friends. The large colour active display, capable of producing 65,000 colours, complements the power of MMS by bringing your stories to life. And, if you want to see who you are talking to, you can use the model V300’s picture phonebook to attach a photo to each phonebook entry. Complete with instant messaging and SMS, the Motorola V300 makes it a snap to get messages across in lightening speed – anyway you choose.

Fun Time

For those who want to do more with their mobile than simply stay in touch, the model V300 is ideal for keeping boredom at bay. Become your very own DJ with the embedded MotoMixer — compose a unique ring tone to play on the mobile’s multi-instrument speakers — or download an MP3 ringtone and take your favorite songs along with you.

When you’re not in the mood for music but still want some fun, download* new games with the latest version of J2ME MIDP 2.0, which brings gaming to life with extra sensory features such as colours, lights, sound and vibration. Also personalise your handset with eye-catching wallpapers and screensavers. With 5MB of memory to use, you can customize at your every whim.

More Mobile Than Meets The Eye

Don’t be fooled by the model V300’s stylish appearance and nonstop fun, this mobile is also a powerful business assistant for the up-and-coming professional. Built with tri-band technology, the model V300 easily travels to more than 100 countries** without missing a beat. Your mobile phone number stays the same for colleagues and friends across the globe. And, you can relieve any traveling blues with the compatible FM Stereo Radio Headset and MP3 Player accessories that offer mobile music anytime and anywhere the model V300 goes.

Organisational tools and voice memos are also included in the model V300, helping on-the-go young professionals balance their emerging careers and after-hours social lives. Combine all of that with the latest soft touch housing and external caller ID* and the Motorola V300 delivers the fun, features and style young consumers are demanding.

Pricing and Availability
The Motorola V300 is expected to be available across Europe in the fourth quarter, the United States by the end of the year and in Latin America in early 2004.