VIA Unveils New Processor, World’s Smallest & Lowest Power x86 Processor

VIA Unveils New Processor, World’s Smallest & Lowest Power x86 Processor


San Jose, CA,– VIA Technologies, Inc., a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today unveiled the new VIA Eden-N processor at the 16th annual Microprocessor Forum conference in San Jose.

Based on a new streamlined Nehemiah core architecture, the VIA Eden-N processor delivers enhanced digital media performance features and the industry’s most advanced embedded hardware security technologies in a tiny nanoBGA package measuring just 15mm x 15mm to provide the world’s smallest, lowest power, and most secure native x86 processor.

“With the launch of the new VIA Eden-N processor, we are continuing to enhance our leadership in developing innovative low power processor solutions that address the growing security needs of corporate, government, and home users,” commented Glenn Henry, President, Centaur Technology. “With its fast, efficient, and cost effective hardware encryption capabilities, the VIA Eden-N processor is paving the way towards pervasive security for all manner of PCs and smart digital devices by enabling robust protection for sensitive corporate and personal data at the system level and across fixed and wireless networks.”

World’s Smallest & Lowest Power Native x86 Processor
Combining the streamlined Nehemiah core architecture with a new nanoBGA package that measures only 15mm x 15mm, the VIA Eden-N processor is approximately the size of a penny and less than half the size of the Intel® Pentium® M processor, and with its enhanced thermal characteristics achieves a Thermal Design Power of only 6 watts at 800MHz and 7 watts at 1GHz.”

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