The Gauntlet Advanced Wearable Communications System

The Gauntlet Advanced Wearable Communications System


PLEASANTON, Calif.– “The CommanderGauntlet is the latest wireless accessory to come from NetworkAnatomy, award-winning designer and manufacturer of advanced interoperable communication systems.

The one-size-fits-all gauntlet is a wireless system that contains a two-way radio, cellular and satellite technologies, a PC-based interactive monitor, an interlaced audio/video camera, integrated power systems and extreme lighting to provide its user with “out-front” communications access without restricting hand movements or use of fingers.

The waterproof gauntlet is ruggedized to withstand bumps and impacts, measures 15 inches in length and is pliable enough to provide unrestricted hand and wrist movement. The material used in constructing the gauntlet was chosen to provide a snug fit on any adult forearm for extended periods of time without constricting blood flow.

Doug Linman, CEO and chief designer of the high-tech device says that the inspiration for the lightweight accessory comes directly from the field. “These wireless devices were designed to work as an extension to our CommanderPacks in any harsh environment where the user has to be on the move or has to use both hands, such as in a Search and Rescue operation, in fire zones or any emergency situation. The user can make or receive a call using radio, cellular or satellite frequencies, light the area and transmit video images, access incident forms from their on-board PC — even e-mail documents from their forearm — without having to stop or open their CommanderPack.”

The CommanderPack is the first lightweight, self-contained communications system designed for deployment anywhere on earth at a moment’s notice. The 11 lb. system is worn like a back pack and comes with a helmet nest featuring a micro video camera, microphone and extreme lighting. The communications and information management gear can be accessed by opening the waterproof pack or by wireless controls from the optional gauntlet.

NetworkAnatomy builds communication systems that help secure and save lives. Additional information about the company and its products, including photos and specifications, can be found on their Web site at:”