Siemens Xelibri Collection Presents Four New Models

Siemens Xelibri Collection Presents Four New Models


Munich — Xelibri is presenting four new models in its 2003 fall/winter collection under the “fashion extravaganza” theme. And abundant colour is a highlight of this second collection: displays with 4,096 colours, new animated menu prompting, and unusual shapes and materials give a dash of flamboyance to the new models. Typical basic features are voice dialing, vibrating alarm, polyphonic ringtones, integrated games, and an integrated clock with an alarm function; more striking features are a make-up mirror and snap-link. Another novelty: the SIM card can be changed without opening the mobile. The Xelibri 5, 6, 7, and 8 GSM 900/1800 models thus combine extremes from the world of fashion and mobile phone technology.

The Xelibri 5 is an angular trendsetter about the size of two matchboxes. This mobile was inspired by elements of industrial clothing; it goes perfectly with casual cargo pants and, thanks to the supplied snap-link, can be conveniently attached to a belt or waistband. The Xelibri 5, weighing just under 74 grammes and available in “ultra blue” and “mercury”, is simply snapped out of its clip when the user wants to phone. Changing the SIM card is just as easy.

The shape and size of a traditional powder compact, the Xelibri 6 breaks all the rules of classical mobile phone design. Two integrated mirrors – one with a magnifying effect – make the Xelibri 6 a practical and, at just under 90 grams, very wearable accessory for carrying in any purse or pocketbook. Available in “sheer bronze” and “platinum blush”, the Xelibri 6 is this season’s most unusual snap-shut mobile.

The smoothly curvaceous Xelibri 7 is the most sensual phone in the fall/winter collection. Shaped like a single large clip, it can be attached simply but securely to the waistband of a pair of jeans, a sleeve or a jacket lapel. The 83 grams mobile with a classically compact bar shape and size is available in “copper polished” and “midnight blue”.

Worn effortlessly on the necklace supplied, the voice-controlled Xelibri 8 will keep its owner sweet and intrigue the beholder. At the flick of a wrist the Xelibri 8 will provide both communication and music, since it is also a VHF radio. The most compact mobile phone in the current collection will be available in “diamond pink” and “silver glam” together with a stereo headset.

The new Xelibri collection will be on sale in the stores starting October 2003 and on the internet at: