HP’s New Line of Devices are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Enabled

HP’s New Line of Devices are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Enabled


HP today announced a wide range of new products in an attempt to make mobility an integral part of mainstream life.

The new suite of mobility devices including notebook, tablet and pocket PCs that allow users to stay “connected and protected” no matter where they are were announced today. These products are wirelessly enabled for a variety of standards, including 802.11 a/b/g tri-mode and Bluetooth wireless technology.

HP also announced a broad set of imaging and printing products designed to build out the mobile and wireless printing infrastructure, so consumers and businesses can easily capture, print and share images with wireless devices from many locations.

Products announced include:

A new platform that allows Bluetooth-enabled multimedia messaging from Nokia Series 60 phone to HP printers;

New HP printers with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) capability;

HP software for HP iPAQ Pocket PCs and software developers as well as new features for wireless print servers;

New HP Business Notebook PCs (nc6000 and nc8000 series) and the HP Compaq Mobile Workstation nw8000 – all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and security-enhanced;

With the new slim H4150 and the H4350 iPAQs, HP has included Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Both are almost identical in specs and features, but the latter has a built-in thumb-board and ships with a larger, higher-capacity battery for $50 more. The H4350s size is longer than your standard PDA but still very slim and light-weight.

HP could have developed a slider-style design similar to that of the Sharp Zaurus SL-5500. The H4350 should especially appeal to a business customer who can afford the $500 price tag and who works in a corporate environment that’s well covered with Wi-Fi hot spots.

The HP iPAQ Navigation System, GPS-equipped to provide an in-vehicle navigation system;

The new HP Tablet PC TC1100 with Intel Centrino technology for better performance and enabled for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; and

HP and Ericsson are cooperating to drive mass market adoption of Bluetooth- enabled mobile devices.

Personalized content and services

HP is enabling the delivery of next-generation mobile services by providing powerful network-based technologies. Recent successes which are being announced:
HP and partners are helping Bell Mobility deliver location-based services in Canada that enable mobile users to receive information when and where they need it;

HP has integrated a complete solution that helps Telecom Italia get to market quickly with a Wi-Fi hotspot network and rich services for mobile users; and

HP is building a Wi-Fi hotspot for Toronto International Airport to help employees and partners streamline airport operations such as baggage handling and tracking.