Opera Introduces Browser Platform

Opera Introduces Browser Platform


Oslo, Norway — Opera Software today announced the Opera Platform for operators and handset manufacturers. By enabling full integration between handheld devices’ local applications, the available Opera browser environment and operators’ online content, users can now get a continously more fun, dynamic mobile phone experience right on the mobile phone’s main screen. The Opera Platform engages users more than ever before, while also stimulating the use of the newly rolled-out online data services for higher ARPU (average revenue per user).

The Opera Platform allows operators to push their own content and services right on the handset’s main screen, independent of type or operating system, allowing for strengthened brand development and customer loyalty. The Opera Platform’s Home Screen technology can contain teasers such as news headlines, new ring tones, competitions, operator offers, etc. Information from local applications such as Messaging and Calendar can also be easily integrated on the Home Screen. The teasers are conveniently displayed on the main screen, visible on the handset at all times when not in active use. All mobile phone users repeatedly glance at their handsets even if it is not in use, or before performing a task such as dialing. When checking time, battery status, signal strength, new messages, missed calls or any other phone functionality, users can now see updated information to online content and services.

“Last year’s launch of Opera’s SSR-technology™ enabled millions of users to get useful access to the full Internet from their mobile device for the first time, instead of just the stripped-down version offered with the disappointing WAP experience. Opera’s SSR™ has been a key enabler for the initial phase of the mobile Internet, changing the way millions of people all over the world are interacting with their smartphones and the Web,” says Rolf Assev, Executive Vice President Marketing and Strategic Alliances, Opera Software. “The Opera Platform is the next giant leap forward for the mobile Internet, killing the dead, static screen now wasting valuable screen space on all handsets. With the Opera Platform users get a more fun, dynamic mobile experience, and operators easily increase profits from data traffic.”

Operators have full flexibility in customizing the handset’s Home Screen design, with complete control over the look and feel of the experience securing branding and content. By using the widely available talent pool knowledgable in Web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and DOM, all contents can be easily created, made to interact with each other and dynamically updated over the air from the operator’s server at any time.