Motorola A835 Advanced 3G Video Mobile Experience

Motorola A835 Advanced 3G Video Mobile Experience


Basingstoke, UK, — Motorola, Inc. announced the arrival of the new Motorola A835 to 3 network users, one of the most advanced mobile entertainment devices to date.

It is the smallest 3G handset currently available from Motorola, and takes mobile communication and entertainment into a whole new dimension.

The Motorola A835 has all the latest video mobile technology, including:

• live video calls with your mates;
• selected football highlights, movie clips, MTV news, footage from Jackass and news bulletins to download2 and watch. 64MB of memory is included, and
• recording a video clip and sending to a friend’s compatible phone or email address

The integrated camera is exceptionally easy to use, featuring a unique two-way lens, putting an end to fiddly view finders and perfect positions for cameras – just look through from either direction and click!

To make the most of your time, the A835 has the ability to download video clips even if the user is making a call. You can also listen to your favourite artist via the integrated MP3 Player or make full use of fast data speeds by downloading games and applications like Alien Swarm or Play Golf.

For those that can’t bear leaving the office behind, the Motorola A835 can be used to stay connected with your colleagues, appointments and even e-mails by allowing you to synchronise your calendar and contacts with the synchronisation software supplied.

The model A835 can be linked via Bluetooth wireless technology to other products such as the Bluetooth data card, Bluetooth headset, and the recently announced Motorola Bluetooth car kit.

On top of all these features the phone also knows where it is! In the future, the Assisted Global Positioning System (AGPS) can help find the nearest restaurant or shop and navigates the way, so you’ll never be lost again.

The Motorola A835 will be available initially on the 3 network in the UK, Sweden, Austria, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong and Italy from mid October.