Snapshield Announces GSM Voice Encryption Accessory for Sony Ericsson Handsets

Snapshield Announces GSM Voice Encryption Accessory for Sony Ericsson Handsets


SNAPSHIELD Ltd. today announced that in addition to existing models its Snapcell accessory would be available for the new T610, T310, T230 and Z600 Sony Ericsson handsets. Snapcell provides voice security across GSM networks, without the need for an expensive, dedicated cellular handset.

Commenting on the release of the accessory, Shimon Zigdon CEO of Snapshield said, “With the recent revelations about the inherent weaknesses in GSM security, we are pleased to be able to offer military grade voice security across such a broad range of popular handsets at a very affordable price. Sony Ericsson continues to be a key partner for Snapshield and we are committed to supporting the broadest possible range of their handsets”.

The Snapcell accessory forms part of the larger Secure Network Access Platform (SNAP), Snapshield’s point-to-multipoint security solution. SNAP provides secured voice and fax communication at an affordable price even when only one side of the line implements the encryption device. The SNAP system is carrier independent, and is the only GSM voice security system that supports next generation (2.5 and 3G) networks.

The SNAP system reliably secures the user’s Access Network, the part of the network most vulnerable to illegal wiretapping. In addition the system prevents an eavesdropper from revealing both the outgoing and incoming call identity.

The Snapcell accessory is available immediately through Snapshield worldwide reseller network,