TDK releases four new Mojo MP3 Players

TDK releases four new Mojo MP3 Players


TDK has introduced four new MOJO MP3 players, the next generation of the company’s highly acclaimed MOJO portable audio line. Each new MOJO model has a unique feature set, allowing customers to choose a player that best suits their individual needs, lifestyle and budget. Incorporating cutting-edge technology with a wide range of playback options, the next-gen MOJOs set new standards for ultra-portability, convenience and above all, great sounding audio.

Noted Nick Ikeya, TDK Executive Director, Hardware Product Management: “Our lineup of next-generation MOJO MP3 players gives music-passionate customers a new level of freedom and flexibility. Whether you’re out jogging, commuting to work, bicycling, sunbathing or just relaxing, there is a MOJO model that provides all the features and functions you need for maximum musical enjoyment. It truly makes listening to your favorite music easier and more convenient than ever before.”

MOJO 1 – Maximum Flexibility in a Wire-Free, All-In-One Design

Lightweight and highly comfortable, the all-in-one MOJO 1 is a full-featured MP3/FM player built into a set of attractive neckband style headphones. It’s the ideal solution for today’s mobile lifestyles.

MOJO 1 provides unrivaled on-the-go access to entertainment and information. With 128MB of built-in memory and support of virtually all bit rates (8-320 kbps including variable bit rates), it’s the ideal player for MP3 and WMA files. A memory card slot (MMC and SD card compatible) enables unlimited expansion. By selecting one of the 25 programmable FM tuner presets, you are instantly in touch with music, news, sports and weather.

MOJO 1’s intuitive controls reside conveniently on the outer side of each earpiece, delivering easy access to all functions and features. At the touch of a button, you can customize the sound with four equalizer presets (rock, jazz, classical and normal). A song intro function scans the first few seconds of each track, helping you easily cue up a favorite song. Repeat 1/all and random play modes provide additional flexibility.

Using the included MoodLogic software and a USB connection, tracks can be organized and rapidly downloaded to MOJO 1 from virtually any PC. A track transfer plug-in for MusicMatch Jukebox and a firmware upgrade/FM preset programming utility are also supplied. (In addition to the utility software, the player’s controls can be used to program FM presets while on-the-go.) FM radio can be recorded directly to MOJO 1’s internal memory, providing anytime enjoyment of favorite broadcasts.

MOJO 1 even has an audio output, which enables sharing music with a second set of headphones or playing the unit through a home stereo or mini-system. MOJO 1 delivers up to 10 hours of playback from its included AAA battery and is supplied with a user’s guide, a USB cable, a software CD-ROM and three sets of ear covers for long-lasting performance. MOJO 1 will be available in October 2003 at an estimated street price of $179.99.

Pocket-sized Performers: MOJO 256F, MOJO 128F and MOJO X

Feel the music, not the player. MOJO 256F, MOJO 128F and MOJO X offer the ideal combination of streamlined style and high-performance substance. All three models feature MP3/WMA playback and support variable bit rates up to 320 kbps for the highest audio playback quality. For unmatched ease-of-use, each features an ergonomic button layout, making it simple to find tracks, select equalizer presets and change playback modes. Since each model doubles as a data storage device, you can even save, transport and transfer important non-music files with your MOJO. Upgradeable firmware guarantees that you can always keep MOJO MP3 players current with the latest features.

MOJO 256F, MOJO 128F and MOJO X: These ultra-portable players are all attractively styled and deliver pristine audio, but each model has a unique, carefully designed feature set, allowing individuals to choose the player that’s their perfect match.

MOJO 256F – A Versatile Power Player

Total versatility makes MOJO 256F the ultimate MP3 player for a wide range of applications from the backyard to the boardroom. Combining a digital FM tuner, 256MB of internal memory, and an MMC/SD memory card slot, MOJO 256F delivers large storage capacity, expandability and superior portability. MOJO 256F is capable of recording voice memos and FM radio to its memory, and includes text-to-speech software for anywhere, anytime review of your text files.

MOJO 256F’s backlit text display and TDK’s exclusive NAV button make it simple to access functions, including seven equalizer presets (normal, jazz, pop, rock, classic, vocal and dynamic bass), a user-programmable EQ mode and four playback modes (random, repeat 1/all and normal). MOJO 256F’s FM tuner features 20 programmable presets providing instant access to favorite radio stations.

Using a USB port and TDK’s exclusive UniFi track transfer software, music is managed and tracks are transferred at blazing speeds to the MOJO 256F. For even greater music management versatility, MOJO 256F is supplied with RealOne Player and an exclusive MOJO track transfer plug-in. Windows Media Player, MoodLogic and Apple iTunes track transfer plug-ins are also included.

MOJO 256F delivers up to 12 hours of playback from its included AAA battery and is supplied with a user’s guide, a USB cable, and a software CD-ROM. For total comfort and convenience, MOJO 256F comes with ear-bud style headphones and a carrying case that provides extra player protection. MOJO 256F will be available in October 2003 at an estimated street price of $189.99.

MOJO 128F – Magical Music Machine

MOJO 128F provides hours of musical enjoyment. Designed for the music lover, its 128MB of internal memory, memory expansion slot (MMC and SD card compatible), and digital FM tuner make MOJO 128F a serious personal music machine. MOJO 128F is also capable of recording voice memos and FM broadcasts to its internal memory and features 20 programmable FM station presets. Like its sibling, the MOJO 256F, the MOJO 128F features a backlit text display, simple-to-use controls and versatile playback options, including seven EQ presets and four playback modes. MOJO 128F also includes TDK’s UniFi track transfer software and plug-ins for other popular track transfer applications (RealOne Player, Windows Media Player, MoodLogic and Apple iTunes), making MOJO 128F a player that plays well with others.

MOJO 128F comes with ear-bud style headphones, a carrying case and AAA battery, providing up to 12 hours of music enjoyment. MOJO 128F will be available in October 2003 at an estimated street price of $139.99.

MOJO X – Grab Your Music and Go

It’s as fast as it looks. The streamlined MOJO X is an excellent player for a variety of activities ranging from the morning jog to the daily commute. Featuring 128 MB of internal memory, and drag and drop track transfer, you can load music without using any proprietary software. Simply drag tracks from Windows Explorer (or the Mac OS interface) to the USB-connected player, and you’re good to go.

MOJO X features five equalizer presets (normal, jazz, pop, rock and bass) plus a user-programmable EQ mode to “dial-in” the right sound for your style of music. To further increase your listening options for total sonic satisfaction, MOJO X incorporates repeat 1/all and A-B playback modes.

MOJO X comes with ear-bud style headphones, a carrying case and AAA battery, providing up to 12 hours of anytime, anywhere music enjoyment. MOJO X will be available in October 2003 at an estimated street price of $99.99.