Creative Releases Rhomba MP3 Player that is “High” on style

Creative Releases Rhomba MP3 Player that is “High” on style


Creative, today announced the new Rhomba brand of flash based digital audio players that are high on style and features.” High on style? What is it smoking? Creative seams to have jumped on the style bandwagon that every manufacturer is trying to out-do each other with a fashion piece-of ..electronics.

The Rhomba features a large split screen LCD comprised of two windows that show clear easy-to-read content for incredibly easy music navigation, an FM tuner and recorder so that users will never have to miss their favorite radio programs (what happend to AM?), and a built-in microphone for voice recording. This doesn’t sound like any new features we haven’t seen before.

The Creative Rhomba is slightly overpriced, with 128MB for US$149.99 and 256MB for US$199.99. You can buy the iRiver iFP-180 with 128MB memory and all the above features minus the split-screen for only $109, or the Digitalway MPIO FL100 256MB for $20 less which truly is stylish.