TRAXER Personal Wireless Security Device

TRAXER Personal Wireless Security Device


TRAXER, a pocket size device for personal security based on Fastrax GPS technology combined with a dual-band GSM/GPRS modem, launched during CeBIT Asia signed in with iMode Japan to be launched initially in Taiwan.

Concept developed and introduced by Mobintelecom Oy, a provider of Wireless Telematics Security Solutions, TRAXER devices are technically developed and manufactured in cooperation with Global Sun Technologies Inc, Taiwanese-based partners of Mobintelecom and Fastrax, and first introduced in public at the CeBIT Asia Trade Fair starting on September 18th in Shanghai, China.

Operating as a stand alone personal security device, TRAXER fits easily in a jacket pocket, weighing less than 100 grams. In case of an emergency, TRAXER is activated quickly by pressing an easy-touch panic button.

Upon activation the device uses the Fastrax GPS receiver to define its exact position’ direction and velocity, and auto dials or sends an SMS message to a set of predefined numbers via the GSM network. Auto dial and messaging cycle is repeated until the alert and position information is delivered. TRAXER standard security features also include voice and speed monitoring and geo-fencing.

Edison Hung-Fu Lee, President of Global Sun Technologies Inc, expects to ship upto 100,000 units of TRAXER to iMode before the 2003 year ends.