Vodafone live! Sharp GX20 mobile phone brings richer colour and picture

Vodafone live! Sharp GX20 mobile phone brings richer colour and picture


With a screen resolution of 240 x 320 points, the Vodafone live! Sharp GX20 mobile phone takes Vodafone’s customers to a mobile world of greater contrast and sharpness in colour and picture. Add to this the fact that this slim mobile with a clamshell design also offers an external colour screen, a video message function and a built-in digital camera that can take photos in 310,000 pixels and in macro perspective. All of this produces a model that takes picture communication another big step forwards.

The Japanese Sharp GX20 is the successor to the Vodafone live! Sharp GX10i mobile phone, and has been equipped with a series of new features to further enhance the experience of mobile communication in colour sound and picture. As well as all the enhancements in picture quality and camera functions, the Sharp GX20 also has a dedicated button to the Vodafone live portal, so that users can access all the services in Vodafone live! even more quickly.

“We’re really delighted to be able to launch the Sharp GX20 on the Swedish market. This model is ideally suited to all of the services in Vodafone live!, and with its fantastic picture quality and sophisticated camera finesses it provides users with the greatest possible experience of mobile communication in colour and picture. The Sharp GX20 is a clear example of mobiles adapted for the European market moving ever closer to what is currently available in Japan,” said Goran Mannerstrale, Director of Consumer Affairs at Vodafone.

Double colour screens

The Sharp GX20 offers double screens in colour, with both the main screen (LCD) and the stamp-sized outer screen displaying 65,536 colours. The main screen has no less than 240 x 320 points, which creates a fantastically sharp picture quality that is rich in contrast, and the screen has also been made larger than in the previous model. The outer screen has a resolution of 60 x 80 pixels, in which the user can select, in the same way as for the main screen, his or her own background and obtain information on who is calling, as well as the time and date. The outer screen also has an important function when the user wants to take a self-portrait, as it also serves as a camera searcher.

Digital camera with video function, macro perspective and flashlight The built-in digital camera in the Sharp GX20 has been equipped with a series of finesses. The camera has 310,000 pixel-resolution, three zoom settings and a lens that can be set at macro perspective when you want to take close-ups. The camera takes stills in three different sizes, and can store about 173 small pictures (120 x 160 pixels), 75 medium-sized (240 x 320) or 37 large pictures (480 x 640). The mobile phone has also been equipped with a lamp alongside the lens, which helps to light up objects when taking photos in poor light. The Sharp GX20 also offers users the facility to record video clips lasting around 10-20 seconds, which can be sent as Video-MMS to other mobile phones with a video function or to e-mail addresses*.

Wide range of Java games

The Sharp GX20 is optimally adapted for the colour, sound, and picture services offered in Vodafone live! It has a dedicated button among the keys, which takes the user direct to Vodafone live’s wide range of news services, games and entertainment. For example, this autumn over 20 Java games from the range of games in Vodafone live! will be adapted for the Sharp GX20, and the mobile phone’s fantastic picture quality further enhances the mobile gaming experience. The Java games are easy to download from the Vodafone live! portal to the mobile, at a cost of between SEK 30 and SEK 50. Once the game has been downloaded, the user can play it as often as he or she wants. The upcoming games for the Sharp GX20 include FIFA Football 2003 Mobile International Edition and EA Tiger Woods PGA Tour Mobile Edition.

The Sharp GX20 will be launched in October 2003.