Samsung develops MP3 player for Napster

Samsung develops MP3 player for Napster


Samsung Electronics and Napster are forging a technology and marketing partnership to improve the experience of consumers using digital music. The partnership – announced today at Samsung’s DigitALL Inspiration 2003 Showcase by Eric Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Marketing Operations and Digital Solution Center for Samsung Electronics, and Chris Gorog, Chairman and CEO of Roxio, the parent company of Napster – kicks off with the introduction of a new Samsung-Napster digital audio player that is designed to work seamlessly with the Napster 2.0 music service launching in the U.S. by the holidays. The new device will be available in retail stores this fall.

The partnership will include joint engineering and co-marketing activities centered on a line of portable music devices that integrate with Napster 2.0. The Samsung devices will be co-branded and identified as “Napster compatible” on the packaging, helping consumers understand that the Napster service and Samsung device work together seamlessly.

Napster 2.0 will offer music fans access to more than 500,000 tracks of the world’s greatest music from all five major record labels and hundreds of independent labels. Users of the service will be able to purchase individual tracks or albums, which can be transferred to portable devices and burned to CDs. In addition, consumers may select a premium version of the service that offers unlimited listening and downloading, radio and community features, and unique content.

The “Samsung Napster YP-910 Player,” includes a 20GB hard-disk drive, according to the user manual published by the FCC. The capacity is enough space to store around 5,000 average length MP3 files.

The dimensions are 108 mm by 70 mm by 20 mm, which is roughly in-line with competing players but a little on the thick side, but beats both Toshiba and Apple by a long way when it comes to weight. The player weighs 60 grams, according to the preliminary specifications. If they are correct that makes it less than half the weight of Toshiba’s new player and a third the weight of the 40G byte iPod.

“The Samsung Electronics and Napster partnership is an example of our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with innovative products that are simple for everyone to use,” said Eric Kim. “Our partnership with Napster enables us to offer our customers a seamless experience from selecting and downloading legal music from Napster to enjoying that music on the Samsung player. The relationship with Napster enables us to develop a line of offerings that will deliver an unmatched customer experience using our products with Napster content.”

“Napster and Samsung share the vision that the digital music experience should be fun and very easy,” said Chris Gorog. “Combining the resources of this global leader in consumer electronics together with the most recognized online music brand in the world, we will introduce a line of products that dramatically enhances the digital music experience. We look forward to a rewarding relationship with Samsung that benefits music fans everywhere.”