Nomadix Supplies Technology for First Satellite-Based Wi-Fi Public-access Network

Nomadix Supplies Technology for First Satellite-Based Wi-Fi Public-access Network


Nomadix, Inc., a supplier of Public-access solutions, today announced that the company is supplying key technology used in the industry’s first satellite-based Wi-Fi access solution created by Hughes Network Systems (HNS), the world’s leading provider of broadband satellite solutions. HNS’ Wi-Fi Access is offered at leisure HotSpots using the nationwide DIRECWAY® broadband satellite service.

HNS is utilizing Nomadix’ Access Gateways running the Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) software. The NSE software enables HNS to deliver a seamless and secure Wi-Fi service by solving key issues of user connectivity, security, authentication, and billing that are encountered when deploying a Public-access network.

The NSE software enables Wi-Fi subscribers on HNS’ infrastructure to be recognized and authenticated across all HNS supported HotSpots across the continental U.S. Customers may sign in at any location of their preference and travel across the country from RV park to RV park or from HotSpot to HotSpot, and are not required to re-subscribe or obtain new user identifications and passwords at each hot spot location.

“Nomadix is pleased to be involved in a relationship with HNS that will expand the Wi-Fi public access market to include satellite-based service,” said Patrick Parker, chief executive officer for Nomadix. “It is important for the Wi-Fi sector to continue to explore new ways to bring public access to mobile users around the globe. HNS’ satellite-based solution is a significant step in that direction as it greatly expands the locations that can be serviced.”

“Using the NSE software enables HNS to deliver a fully managed, ‘total mile’ solution—from the first few hundred feet of Wi-Fi access using field tested equipment, through to backhaul and network management, billing, report generation, Quality of Service (QoS), and bandwidth management,” stated Jim Gandolfi, senior vice president and general manager of HNS San Diego. “As a result, value-added resellers such as ISPs or WISPs have a one-stop solution from HNS and can avoid dealing with complex integration issues, or with multiple vendors for connectivity and support service.”