PC ExpressCard Standardized

PC ExpressCard Standardized


The PCI-SIG, the Special Interest Group responsible for PCI Express, PCI and PCI-X industry-standard I/O technologies, has reaffirmed its support for the ExpressCard standard.

This standard, delivered by the PCMCIA industry group, represents unparalleled collaboration between the PCI-SIG and the PCMCIA to deliver a single blueprint for the next generation client interconnect technology aimed at replacing the PC Card form factor.

By using best-in-breed technology, ExpressCard is expected to expand its adoption across client platforms connecting internally to existing USB and PCI Express silicon. The PCI-SIG and PCMCIA industry groups will continue to work together to define a compliance and interoperability program that best meets the groups’ collective members needs.

“The release of the ExpressCard standard signals the start of related product development,” said Tony Pierce, chairman of the PCI-SIG. “Our collaboration with the PCMCIA has resulted in a high quality specification that supports the PCI Express architecture, which is widely recognized as a breakthrough I/O technology.”

“With PCI Express technology entering client platforms in 2004 it is now possible for the industry to rapidly implement and adopt the ExpressCard technology,” said Ramin Neshati, chairman of the Serial Technology Communications Workgroup for PCI-SIG. “We look forward to continuing the collaboration between the PCI-SIG and PCMCIA to deliver world-class compliance programs that will fuel a seamless delivery of interoperable ExpressCard products in client platforms.”

“Working with the PCI-SIG on a joint ExpressCard compliance program will give consumers a tremendous advantage,” said Brad Saunders, chairman of the PCMCIA. “By leveraging PCI Express silicon, we will be able to provide consumer-friendly features such as plug-n-play and a hot-swap capability for desktop and notebook users.”

The PCI-SIG will hold its first PCI Express compliance workshop in December 2003. It is expected that ExpressCard implementations will be available for testing in 2004 when the PCI-SIG will hold additional compliance workshops worldwide. Further information on PCI Express architecture can be found at http://www.pcisig.com. For more information on ExpressCard technology, visit http://www.expresscard.org.