Archos Gmini 120 and GMini 220 20GB Digital Audio Players Coming November

Archos Gmini 120 and GMini 220 20GB Digital Audio Players Coming November


Thanks to J&R Music and Computer World for jumping the gun on another great looking device. Archos Technologies will be releasing two new handheld digital audio players. The GMini 120 and the GMini 220 are scheduled to be released November 1st 2003, you can pre-order both of these now online from J&R. The GMini 120 is the North American version (top photo) and has a 20gb hard drive, user-friendly graphical interface with icons, USB 2.0, and ARCLibrary to organize and synchronize your music, and respectively priced at $249.

This is the industry’s first MP3 player offering a modular solution that allows you to upgrade its functionalities by downloading plug-ins directly from the Archos website. This means you can create your own personalized GMini 120 with exactly the options you want.

The GMini 220 is identical in features and specifications but is the European model sold for $349.

Archos GMini 120 and 220 Features

– Browse music by genre, album, artist, composer, or by folder
– Delete, rename, copy and move files — you can even create folders directly in the Gmini without using a computer
– Includes MusicMatch Plus Software to convert your CD collection into MP3 Format via USB 2.0 – 1.1 interface & 20GB Hard Drive
– Store up to 300 hours of MP3 music
– Optional Plug-Ins & Add-Ons Include:
– CompactFlash Reader for copying images or Data
– MadWaves Interactive Music Composer Compose MP3 music and sing to rap, hip-hop & techno
– FM Remote Control Tuner
– PC & Mac compatible
– Includes USB cable, AC-DC Adapter / charger, software on CD
– Size: 4.45″ x 3.07″ x 1.02″